I Told My Lover With Psychological Problems

The day to realize himself was not okay, I decided to tell you.0: 00/1: 12 Men's Day realized that herself was not fine, I decided to tell you. I discovered my mental health slightly A month ago, perhaps the reason came from stress at work. Furthermore, because of the translation, I can't meet friends or travel, have fun. Working time, I always have a gloomy feeling, often insomnia and receiving information in the most negative direction

. Deep, I texted me. "He promised to believe me. I think I have a slight depression symptoms
" "I don't know why, but my mood is bad," said, I just afraid you Understanding with my worries, he gently advised me to reduce the workload and spent time relaxing and moving. The next day, I received the address of the online psychological consultation pages, with the saying "The last address is British". Yo that sharing that I see comfort because I don't know if I'm not alone. Heavenly rain was bright. I will pass this period, and life will soon return to normal state. (Yanni, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City).

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