I Turn On How To Treat Acne With Fresh Technology For Sisters

Acne treatment with fresh turmeric is a safe, economical and effective beauty method. Let's follow up! 0:00 / 3: 27 Southern freshworms are not only a familiar spicy in the Vietnamese kitchen but also a common ingredient in beauty, especially acne treatment. Is it good to treat fresh acne? What should I note when using fresh acne treating? Let's follow the following right away! Treating acne with fresh turmeric is good? CURCUMIN active ingredient in turmeric is capable of destroying acne on the skin, preventing acne, inhibiting acne bacteria , giving you smooth, bright skin. In addition to acne treatment, fresh tech also has the ability to prevent and slow down the aging process, push back oxidation of cells, free radicals, blurred Melasma, freckles, scars .

.. Let you have a soft skin, Hong Hao. In fresh technology, there are many vitamins C, E, Beta active ingredients and other minerals with skin benefits, causing healthy skin, strength Live, no worry about acne and acne with fresh turmeric will bring very good effect, crushed fresh art and apply directly to the acne skin will easily penetrate the nutrients into the skin but in addition to history Fresh technology you can also use turmeric to treat acne
A problem for the use of acne turmeric starch is that you will be difficult to buy pure turmeric starch on the market that has been mixed with other by-products. When buying turmeric starches, it is necessary to pay attention to light colors, pure turmeric with darker yellow powder. These notes when treating acne with fresh artifacts with great use for the skin, however There are also some of the following basic notes: do not apply or apply technology directly to the open wound when they have not yet siu mouth and go to the skin because it is easy to cause skin damage and severe ulcers than treating acne with fresh art People with a geometric muscles of pregnant women should not treat fresh art because the skin is now very sensitive and easy to irritate the usual. About frequency, only 2-3 times / week and implementation 3 weeks consecutive consecutive rinsing of fresh turmeric before use as well as clean skin cleansing to dirt and when bacteria do not attack skin back causing acne when treating brutal acne with fresh art, you need to note Sunny or shielded carefully because the skin will be easier to catch the sun. Guide to treating acne with fresh technology at home Acne Effects at home is a method Beautify safely, save both time and money because not every sister has conditions to get to spas. To treat acne with fresh turmeric at home, sisters can do one of the following: - Acne treatment with fresh turmeric and honey: Rinse the turmeric, remove the shell and grind or puree, mix with honey raw honey substances and apply to acne skin. Wait for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with water. Performing 2-3 times / week to reduce acne, blurred bruises, bright skin. - Acne treating with fresh turmeric and rice water: Fresh tech also removed the shell, clean clean and grinding, filtering Mixed with rice water (only taking the opaque white, decanting the inner water). Clean the face and then apply it to the mixed acne skin, massage gently and wait for 15 minutes, perform 2-3 times / week
- Acne treatment with fresh tech and sugar-free yogurt: Similar fresh technology As the steps above and mix with sugar-free yogurt and make filling up the acne skin as the instructions above and rinse with clean water. Perseverance to perform acne treatment with fresh turmeric, you will see a marked change, your skin is no longer acne, bright white, evenly. With the ways of treating acne with fresh turmeric above, you must have known how to Keep yourself a smooth, healthy skin without acne. Besides, it is necessary to combine how to sleep enough, eat lots of green vegetables, fruits, vitamin supplements to have a vibrant skin. Wish you success! Min (General)

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