I Wanted To Talk To My House, Ms. Le Began To Be A Great Way To Be The To Hoang

The relationship of Li Lai and the kind knight was gradually improved. Meanwhile, the beautiful love between Minh Lan is in the same way to go into the deadlock.0 of the year. A military boy, nice and the first vibrations of as yes for the most positively formed. Photo: PHP and every aversion, suspicion is dissolved, all replaced with the feeling, the vibration of the heart

. However, Mr. Nguy Nguyet hesitated them because between the two of the two still barriers could not overcome. In the meantime, before the dangerous son of the seal son, Ms
Le could only know running Going to the Bridge to save the Master Because she has a Buddhist Housing This Phen will make a big deal. Also from this "unusual" incident, the meaningless mother does not have a question of Suzhou's biolence. I have a special relationship with To Hoang, who always wants to kill the whole family From 18 years ago? Because of Mr. Le's urgent bridges, and also saw a serious mistake of poverty students, the Master himself to seek the revenue asking him to pay for the right trial The person who is right to avoid condemnation for the meaning of this meaning.luc, Minh Lan (Kieu Khanh) for worrying about the lover is imprisoned, so she can soon find Suzhou (Truong Quang Phap), please see if it is important Suzhou is the son of the name of Khanh To Hoang? Because he knew what he had known as the sense of his father's intention. The dungeon to visit me, the youngest Understanding the meaning of hearing his mother to meet Minh Lan made it difficult and forced both to cut offense . The meaning is imprisoned for conflicting with Suzhou. The main person of this is that she still conserves that she has indirectly caused tragedy for her son's life. The audience watched the movements Next of the Vietnamese series of students who are born in Part 3 to air at 20 hours from Monday to Saturday on THVL1.

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