I Was Rejected By The Future Husband’s House Because Of An Orphan

Orphans are bad? I can't choose fate. What should I do now? 0: 00/2: 30 Nam Nam don't know who your parents are, only know that I was raised by the teacher at the big temple. My poetry is associated with chanting, typing and peaceful scenes of this small temple in this North Pagoda. Master let me eat properly. When I passed university, my teacher encouraged me a lot, he worried everything for me

. Money for studying, money at the house with a teacher. For my teacher like a father, the mother. The life is a bit strenuous, which helps me to have a bravery and many energies
I am aware that I have to try so much. In thought, sometimes I wonder who my parents are, should I find them and can I see? Master Teacher gave me many useful advice.Ra school found a pleasant job, with income and bought himself a small house. I wanted to visit my teacher, where I considered my hometown. I met and knew him, we were all namedy about age and career. Love one year we decided to go to marriage. I really understand me and love me, I'm the same as my family, I'm happy and worried. Prepare psychology and a little gift, I'm confident when you come to pick me up. His parents also welcomed me to be assured somewhat. Everything that seemed smoothly but
.. after a meal, I and my family sat chatting happily. His mother asked me about the family situation. Perhaps because my lover has not yet talked, when I said I was an orphan to raise in the temple, his mother fraud. She did not show any harsh attitude at that moment but I saw her unhappy and less said. When I returned to me, he shared with him, he got away, told me or thought much. I don't mention it anymore but in my heart uneasy. Everything between us is still normal, I wait for the day you gave my parents to talk to the teacher and I didn't haven't seen. I asked, he told him some time to take care of things, also need to prepare more. Respect the brother I don't ask anything more, just tell me what to share with me, you're going to comfort me. In anxiety but I don't want to ask you much. I would wait. A day I received my mother's phone, she appointed me and said, don't let you know. I went to the cafe to meet her. In the story she wants us to break up. I asked why she told us not to match. Saying how his mother also insists. She greeted me when she was a cup of coffee more than half. I alone sat quietly in the cafe thought, the phone message rang out. My eyes fluttering when reading the words "I'm sorry, I don't like my daughter-in-law as an orphan. Let's give me a baby". Orphaned is bad? I can't choose fate. What do I have to do now? Thanh Thuy

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