‘i Went To Save The Green League’ – The Movement Of Nguyen Hong Vinh

The story of the female doctor entering Saigon epidemic mind when the father was about to lose in the new poem of the journalist, poet Nguyen Hong Vinh was a deep contemplation on happiness.0: 00/0: 00 nam and poem " Happiness from Nguyen Hong Vinh's experience only has 4 free poetry misery, but is reasonably structured. Ahead is "pedestal" for the following suffering, all enabled a topic of Poetry Poetry attention: Happiness does not suddenly, it is formed, grew up and the school survives the experience and try Challenge from practice. To prove to the deep poems, the author built three character lines with different moods: the father was in addition to the age of eighties, young couples who have not yet greyed, and the wife does The medicine industry was held to serve in the mind of Saigon during the days where the whole city was gauge to stop the raging of the Pandemic Covid-19. The first poetry was a reader, sympathizing with people The daughter-in-law is doing emergency duty, receiving good news: Night in the emergency roomGood roomCetails and dads go to know how to wipe the eyes too far away from the wrong father! Competed, led to the boredom of the general work, because of his father's confidences when the daughter-in-law in the hospital visited goodbye to sow her heart to look properly Life, about living, about the meaning of death

. She considers it as a "declaration" that lives his thoughts and acts because he must: "Father was in addition to Bat Thamsinh - Xu probably a yellow leaf of Loss, I went to save the green leaves!". This is the Word of the father of the father told the bride in the context of the burning water, there are thousands of young people (green leaves) who are translated by Covid-19 Arabia. Therefore, using love and wisdom to save their lives, his father's departure (a yellow leaf) cannot be placed equally
Considering the tradition of "Nghĩa Nghĩa is meaningful", the bride waits for the father to return to the realms and then go to Saigon to join the morality, but with a new thought, the father can drive the question It to courage on the right time, is an extremely noble job. The advice explained all the thoughts of the doctor for the father of her husband. Poetry and Journalist Nguyen Hong Vinh.Sang the following poetry, author Nguyen Hong Vinh led the reader to another surprise, it was The mood of the husband when his wife goes away: The capital extends to stretch the way in the house is in the house with the right-weeded letter, which has a sacred third anniversary of the first love. Because of that, the husband had to encourage his wife to overcome the loss, his painful injury happened, he turned the old letters, the old photos were yellow to nostalgia for the months of learns, then go Arrive in love and marriage. Put in the context of alone in the martial arts in the house, implementing the motto of social ways "where - there", "indoors are patriotic", the more sympathetic readers and appreciated the action of the husband : Considering the sacred anniversary of the first day of being a message, he must live deserves "lonely as a boy", must overcome empty themselves so that his wife is assured and stronger for emergency work. According to the prayer of the sincerity and earnestness of the wife who knew his husband was also compressing with nostalgia, the direction of thinking, salty love for his wife. She understood the profound meaning of the valuable experience showing the happiness formed, preserving the challenge far away: Living away from the way, the more brightened experience in the danger, the unpleasant time , every second compresses the strength of the country soon peacefully considers it as a happy source! And in suffering is the "repackage" all thinking, the daily way of dealing with both people to keep the fire forever Phuc. The word "happiness" here is also understood to be of the country when each person contributes, to push the pandemic, regain peace of life. Probably in the golden stream, the Linh Linh father peacefully: he overcome the empty emptiness, lonely Meeting will come to the grave of Father to light up the bugs!
.. Write here, I suddenly remembered the words of answers when The daughter asked: "What is Father, what is happiness?", Marx answered: "Happiness is struggling". In the scope of human relations with people, happiness is the struggle to overcome themselves, know how to sacrifice the same to cultivate the common; It is a sense of fighting evil, building good - all for everything good of human life. It is also the source of happy evangelism! Dinh Vien

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