Ia Grai Buddhist Buddhist Committee Visits Martyrs Cemetery

In the afternoon of December 1, before the Buddhist Conference of Ia Grai District (2021-2026), the Buddha's Buddhist Committee of Ia Grai District, Gia Lai Province visited the cemetery of martyrs in the district. Ginh Liem, Head of the Provincial Buddhist Supervisory Board, Head of Governmental Buddhist Department Ia Grai district; Dai Duc likes Quang Truong, Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial BCPs; Great Germany Thich Giac Minh Chau, Deputy Secretary and Chief of the Office of the Buddhist Department of Ia Grai District and the Ton Duc Tang, Ni ... in Martyrs Cemeters, Chu Ton Duc has lit incense Memorials The doctor has sacrificed for the country

. Ton Duc Tang, Ni Thanh Dang Huong Huong, Buddha's Buddhist Department also awarded 50 gifts to difficult relates in Ia Kha town, with a total value of more than VND 16 million .

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