If Every Time Carrying The Past, How Can I Go To The Future?

People come to the world with an empty basket on their backs. On the way of life, if I just got into it, we will feel heavy ... 0:00 / 2: 58 NAMTURESS OF LIFE, Everyone has to go through a lot of ups and downs, having a sentence Saying great, everything in the past is the opening page page

. What passed, let it go and step forward, so I can gently walk and enjoy the full life ahead. The past is containing the disturbing pain, there are sustainable pain, There are sorrows that cannot be eradicated. These for myself forever obsessed with the past, our lives only add a heavy part
What passed, let it go and step forward. Scarlett main way in the wind is a daughter Nong family members. Identity was still worried about but when the civil war began, she almost lost all. Her mother died of welding disease, her father became crazy because she was too sad ... even the house - the only place is also destroyed. What makes her grief, the butler, the most loved man is no longer beside. The pain that war caused was too cruel and seemed to be unable to calm out. However, with faith and courage, she healed her own wound and continued
No matter how long life is u night, she still never gives up his hope, this time comes up from the time of breaking from the crumbs. Film is Scarlett's face scene, when she looks Butler's far back-back shadow and said: "After all, tomorrow will be a new day." All what was through it was nostalgic or regret nor to pull. Life is not easy for all , immersed in the suffering of the past will be useful. A wise person will not let me forever with past illusions, though it's sad or joyful, ignores or glorious glory. Only when pouring down the past burden, you can start again and become a better version of yourself. Life is one-way line, time will not turn back, all that's through Being nostalgic or regretful, it should not be pulled. If the heart wears a heavy stone from the past, you will not be able to quickly step forward. Living for the present, you can discover more miracles of life. There is a person who feels life is so tired and heavy went to Plato. Plato pointed at a gravel road and said: "Every time you go one step, pick up a stone that he likes and put it in the back basket. When he arrived at the end of the road, I would give him the answer ". It is every time you go a step, the man again picked up a stone from the back basket. The more picked up, he was heavy. Soon, he couldn't step anymore. But we could give up the burden on his shoulders, gently forward and fully lived every day. This, Plato told him That: "People come to the world with an empty basket on their backs. On the way of life, if I just got into it, we will feel heavy. If things in the basket are everything there, how can we continue? So living in life, people need to learn how to let go ". Many when, the" stones "that we put in a basket of life are not a treasure but the burden. Let go of things that are no longer valuable to receive better things from the future. Looking forward to we can remove the burden on your shoulder, gently forward and completely live every day.Tune / According to VisionTimes: Collectibles

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