If For You To Choose Again, Do You Love That Person?

If I was chosen, I would still go there, still with the person who knew before the result. Because there is nothing when I love the people I love.0 of the year: 00/5: 34 Southern Nadlands as well as you, are also chattering! I don't know when you read this article, you have a lot of love. But perhaps when reading it, you will recall your love to you as the deepest wound, which cannot be forgotten and your urgent years. Nothing to do

... just to remember and forget
.. at the age of ten years, we love frantic with thoughts that I will go with them until the end of my life. That love is the chain of naive dreams, are the frantic crazy left and sometimes irrespecting wrong. However, in the world, how many love such love has come together to the end of the journey? How many dreams are innocent turning into reality? Dizziness, embryos and faintness are what I remember about love, at the age of my ten years. (Artwork) Love at the age of adulthood, the age of twenty. Is the love that our lives will not go through but forgetting so quickly, whether it's wrong or right. So I think someone is like that ..
Even if those years have passed a long time Or still exist. Whether it's right or wrong, the songs themselves are still worthwhile over time. And each of us themselves is worthy of loving souls. Sample of those days will never be stories in our dreams to tell. But that is the dates we have lived with love even though it's just a moment. The sample is tears when we see someone turning to hold another hand, without going through the mind Our existence. But deep in my heart and they will not be able to completely erase the moments that used to be the large sky of each other. Although he tried to buried or removed, what existed would still stay still stay still there. Sample of all Ta and they will sometimes swear to a lifetime next to someone who is strange. There was no denying that there was also a moment of Thien Lieng we gave each other's rings, giving each other appointment vows to each other. That love, that moment was honest. Just a fate, a human and the intersection of life has not given us to improve that vow. Love a person who doesn't love me, I accept unilaterally painful. Because the feeling of love does not allow us to give up. (Artwork) Whirlpool Life does not allow love to exist eternal schools. So even though I used to have a thick pain, crying in crazy, writhing with crazy actions. In the end we still have to live with two words "accepted". Because this life is the sequence of acceptance and steps. Loving a person who doesn't only love himself, we accept living together in a pair of roads. Because of the feeling of being with the person she loved in that moment more importantly the order of their lives. Loving a person no longer loving himself, we accept to continue the days of pain in the whole pain trade. Because when she was too loved by a person, we would rather choose to be with them but heartbroken more painful looking at them with others. Who had ever experienced those feelings that could be calmed. That acceptance is not stupid, foolish. But it's because love is that, there is a little smaller hope that people are waiting for a distance. It is out there "who goes away, leaving forever, I still look forward to" Quote In the "Autumn dream", my heart was a little cheering ... stop writing a few minutes of my heart remembering the person not to remember. "He was still fine, fell in love with a few other three people, suffering and suffering Happiness for new love, no longer loves me and has forgotten my presence for a long time. He is still like the previous day. Perhaps people have gone through the old loving years, all the same but change. He was still so but there was no bright smile anymore, not knowing because someone robbed his smile or because it wasn't where he could smile. He is still like that, still cold and accidentally! "" He, is not my whole spring age, not the hope of my dream of your youth, not my sky, no Must be my future, not my sadness joy. No ... nothing. He is just a messy person who loves me in the shallow moment ... he regretted to give an affection to a sabotic lover like me ... I just nodded, sorry and walked ... "affordable When people have enough time to sit and contest the past, they will grow and quiet more quietly. Because there are screaming, the past is always back. Loving once is enough, the strength doesn't love the same person, the strength is not waiting for the person who doesn't love me. Go through the days of quietly besides the lesions. They

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