If One Day I Love Each Other

My husband and wife I am doing divorce procedures. And during the conversation with me, he used to say bad wife.0: 00/3: 26 narra nam Illustration: Getty Images. That makes me extremely surprised. Because this year makes you together, their couple in my eyes have nothing to be worth criticizing

. Husband knows how to do business, your wife and wife. Beautiful wife, the inclusion in external caught offensive. But it was before, before their couple relationship appeared cracks
Perhaps both of them have tried to pull, don't don't think about divorce. Husband, once the love dissipates, living together is no longer happy, parting is a solution. But the way he is talking about his "old" wife really makes others afraid. How much is his sister's drawbacks. Looks like you're trying to prove that: I broke up with her right. In those words, how many parts of the truth are there, how many parts are you painted too? Even, it is a man who should not behave with the woman who has been attached as part of his life. I have a relative who is also divorced. The reason he divorced was very bad: his wife adulted. He belongs to the person who values the value of family, so his wife adultery is like a hammer smashing all the values of both people who have everised. His wife knew the error, having forgiveness, the two-sided family also advised him to compress anger, because he gave his wife a chance
But he said, he knew he would never forget that pain, living with only the relationship of two people became bad. These people have been betrayed, they often have a very negative look direction. But he, after divorce, a heavy word of his ex-wife had never uttered. He still told everyone: Maybe because he was not good enough, so his ex-wife easily fell into the others. The story happened, he didn't want to repeat. He only hopes the two people can still live well to take care of their children. The old wife he was of course because his kindness was kind and regreted to regret more couples, when they love it, use it enough from the United States, after breaking up "for gifts" or having all things Not or on social networks is a lot. The story of couples once passed in the months of faithful fire, after the divorce suddenly looked at each other as an enemy. When love, everyone feels the person you love is most, is great. But love will change, marriage can also break. Today's people telling themselves the gentle gentle words can also be ready to be bitter tomorrow. Looks like a common psychology, the more loving trust, frustration and hate to removal. Is it only when you prove to others what your ex-exit people will help yourself quickly overcome separation pain? Or "very good, bite each other" is like that. We often talk about kind men. But what is a real man? It is when love they will treat you well, and if there is no longer love they will not treat you badly. So people say: Want to look at the real face of the woman, just wait after they remove the makeup, wipe the lipstick. Want to see the real face of men, having to wait after breaking up. Good man or not, bid farewell and the woman knows. I know, from you to become a lover, it's easy, from a lover and come back to you, it's hard. But with a person who has come across the beautiful Maybe, a person who has given me the whole body and feelings, because one reason cannot walk together. Treatment is worse than the people. By the same thing, the life is short. One person has experienced a sad sadness, together with a long or short road with a long time. It is only grace with a lot of flowers. According to Le Giang / Dan Tri

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