If You Don’t Want The Aging Skin When You Collect, You Should Remember This 5 Tips

When the sky to collect, don't forget to change the skin care cycle to ensure that the skin is always nice.0: 00/2: 47 men's current points, the weather is moving from the summer to collect the skin also Need much note. In the summer of hot weather, intensity of strong sunshine makes the skin more susceptible to redness, sunburn and tend to present more oil. While switching to the winter air, the weather has a more erratic part, the air also has a moist to cause many moisturizing and sun protection; On the other hand with oil girls saw the skin tend to pour more oil than usual, easy to form acne. So when it moves the season, don't forget to take care of your skin carefully, change the autumn skin care cycle to ensure the skin is always beautiful

. Here are the basic changes that you need to remember at this time. Changing to a mild sense cleanser in the summer, the skin tends to create a lot of oil so most sisters often choose high pH cleansers, creating a lot of foam to clean deep. However, in the fall, These types of cleansers will become "overloaded" with the skin, they will clean up a good amount of oil - which have a skin protection role
Therefore, now you should switch to mild cleanses, do not damage the skin membrane, do not make the skin dry after washing. It is best to have a balanced pH (about 5 to 6); They will help clean skin, limit acne without irritation skin.2. Perfecting exfoliation Periods in the causes of rough chestnuts, vulnerable to acne are because dead cells accumulate, causing pores, acne formation, limiting nutrient absorption. So to have smooth skin, don't forget to exfoliate periodically 1 to 2 times / week. This step also helps clean skin and easily absorbs the nutrients from the following nurses such as serums, lotion, oil ... You can choose the same chemical or physical exfoliation products. Gentle moisturizing in the current unusual weather, don't ignore moisturizing, this will be a basic step to help the skin be granted water, become stretched and limiting aging
Now you should choose creams or serum with a soft structure, fast penetration, no stick. These products have helped to supplement moisture for the skin, do not cause sticky, pores and pores.4. Minimizing the skin cycle of excessive Skincare is also one of the causes that can make the skin be clogged and easier to get acne. Because of that, when the weather is not too harsh, you can minimize the skin care cycle, eliminating some moisturizing products that don't really need it like a kettle or Essence. This has just helped the skin absorb enough nutrients, not afraid of overloading causing the skin of the skin.5. Applying the daily sunscreen to the cool weather plus the work at home, causing many things to do with the use of sunscreen. In fact, it is in the fall, the sun is not as strong as the summer but still can affect the skin as usual. Therefore, you still need to use sunscreen every day to protect the skin comprehensively.

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