If You Know The Spinach Here, The New Giant Dares To Buy, Eat It, You Can See The Spinach’s Spinach At Home

You will have to panic because the price of the spinach in these places.0: 00/2: 50Nam Namrau Muong is a dish that is too familiar with the meal of many Vietnamese people. From simple dishes and often appears in daily meals such as boiled, spinach, cooking, spinachs are also processed into many other dishes such as mannequin, spinach, and spinach stir-fried with nails, stir-fried meat Cow, soaked sour ..

. even, the spinach is also one of the familiar live vegetables used to eat with sour soup. Lau Mua is a budget vegetable dish in Vietnam.Rau Mua in Vietnam Such a common and popular price, the price of spinach is also very affordable, thus that people use regularly during daily meals
Therefore, Vietnamese people were too familiar at the price of 3,000, 5,000, at very expensive only reaching 10,000 VND for a spinach. This vegetable becomes so cheap to the end of the last days of money, but it can be eaten. But, in some countries, spinach becomes a very luxurious dish at a expensive price. Some light reviews from some Vietnamese people living abroad, heard the joke, but it is true. The spinach in Korea costs 8,300 - 8,500 won, equivalent to about 170,000 VND. In Japan, Mr. Lam Martial arts said, the spinach where he lived sometimes sold and the price is 50,000 VND ... 6 vegetables
Also live in Japan, you have a good place: "Morning glory in Vietnam 5,000 VND / bundled 7 people eat no It is out of 2 years in Japan without daring to eat spinach because it is about 100,000 VND to be around 10 stalks, probably buying a day every day ".kannah Nguyen in Germany after seeing the price of spinach sauce in Japan as expensive Thanks to God because in Germany is too easy to live when only about 30,000 VND (about more than 1 Euro) is already purchased. In a Pho Restaurant in Seoul (Korea), a sautéed spinach also has prices. 9,000 Won - equivalent to about 180,000 Vietnamese coins. "Where I live in England, the spinach is 2.5 pounds / bundle (about VND 75,000). A such bunch of such stir-frying, taking 1 - 2 chopsticks are all should always be each time N must buy 3-4 bundles (about 300,000 VND). Bringing and stir-frying, it must be salty to eat for a long time, "Brian Hiep Le, a student studying in Brother, said. According to Brian, 3 bundles of vegetables were brought about boiled before because of the water spiny." I will save the pot of boiled vegetables in the refrigerator to eat gradually. Every time I eat just dare to take enough and don't dare to take the surplus, "Brian said. I want to buy the spinach to go to the flower market, but the supermarket is not available but buy. Photo: Specialty Lodace" This party only dares Eat spinach 1 time because of expensive. The brothers and sisters and houses every time I can buy spinach to call me a giant because they are here for a few years and dare to eat spinachs with a three times. In Vietnam, criticizing spinachs up and down, here and gold. New Year's birthday does not need to donate anything valuable but just give me a few bunches of spinach is a lifetime ", Brian shared. Morning spin in Japan, 100,000 VND is about 10 stalks. About spinach can see, rustic cuisine in his country said it became normal to become extremely rare in another geographic space. (According to family and society)

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