If You Make 7 Skincare Mistakes, Acne Goes To Stop

We are always trying to take care of skin carefully but acne are always appeared by unexpected causes of 9th ampasses / 2: 23 NAM to a truth is not wiping glass frames and using hair styling can be friends Pen with Acne.00: 00/02: 07 Here are 7 skin care mistakes that make you grow without control.1. Use wet paper to remove makeup cleaners do not cause acne, but they can leave dirt and makeup residues leading to acne. The types of wet paper remover certainly contain alcohol, perfume and easy-to-dry skin components

. If you have a skinned skin, rubbing action will increase your skin irritation, swelling, infection , Triphole pores.2. Use Sunscreen sunscreen to protect your skin from the negative impact of the sun
But some creams have formulas containing oil-based organic filters that can irritate the skin and pimples. The best way to protect your skin is to choose the day moisturizer containing wide spectrum SPF, apply The skin has been washed. Do not wipe the glasses, if you are frequently punished around your eyes, it is likely that it is because you do not clean the frames. The doctor recommends that we should identify the area of acne (like nasal life) and then do Clean that frames. Too tight glasses are also easy to switch pores. So you need to adjust the glass to fit the most with face.4. Too much face cleansing skin is a necessary step to prevent and prevent acne, but wash too much, it will cause the opposite impact. Dermatologists believe that too much face wash can reverse the balance on the skin. Using too much products to dry excess oil will cause the skin to be overwhelmed, making a natural oil gland more secretive , Finally acne will appear
5. Using multiple hair related products Some products help light hair, and can cause acne on your face. Shampoo, oil and hair styling products will make bran acne in your hairline (especially forehead areas). If these products stick to the face, they can switch pores and click Your skin effect.6. Wash your face under the shower shower when everyone uses hot water suitable for body skin, but too hot with facial skin. Washing your face with hot water can damage your skin protection fence. It also dissolves and washes the natural oil on the skin, causing dry and unpleasant skin.7. Do not take a shower after exercising regularly without bathing after practicing Gym will make you a lot of acne because the bacteria accumulates due to sweat that will block pores. Dermatologists recommend bathing immediately after practicing to remove sweat, oil and dirt.

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