I’m A Border Teacher

Glasses given teachers who have overcome the difficulties of life, concerns, concerns and the educational career of their homeland and the development of the country ... 0:00 / 1: 01Nam Southern Teacher Tea Thi Thu and the highland children. Photo: NVCC (Artwork)

. It is the Teacher Bien Huong in every domain herechung hand-held, building a new tile building, full of fragrant flowers with a lot of rice to replace the sinks , Slippers, hipped lugs Luminous lights Looking to the shoulder Delete Blind Em! Do not pick blindness as sooner the lups as sooner as sad doing the tears of tears to practice the future of the future, the second homeland, the second of the birds, the wrong sweet, the wrong sweetness of the yard is full of farewell: The life is far away from the long-term mammals of the school to the school, steps to the same redness of a border area of the border area, the persuteness of the love of the lovely love of the iron and a lonely. Bright

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