I’m Crazy When The 2 Sisters Of Her Husband Come ‘eat Thanks To Beans’ With Other Attitudes

Both are very lazy, don't help you do anything, it is still very dirty in: 00/2: 43 South and her husband are office workers, familiar and love each other when working together General a company. At love, I love each other, I don't worry about, until I got married my husband, I broke. Last year ago, with a savings and money in my parents, we bought a small apartment. I kept thinking that there was a family that would happily duplicated, the three and my husband and wife life would be happy and warm. Suspecting the epidemic, my husband's two sisters started to "eat thanks

. At first, it only came to eat a few meals, I was happy to welcome enthusiasm. However, the more and more children, the more and more when moving to live with us always. The first sister was 24 years old, but refused to work, every time it did a time to leave
She left when she was in the first year college to go to work but didn't work anything for a soul. Hours every day is only at home to sleep, night comes, then "plow the game" and up to "slash the wind". . I know sometimes my husband still gave me a little money to give me a little money to pocket. Monday this year to study in 2 years of college, I thought it would be better than her head but it was "sister". Because of the constant translation, she only studied online at home. Studying the bowl but throughout the day of the flashy makeout even though I don't go anywhere, you are girls, but are very lazy, don't help you do any work, it is still in dirty. Many times I was deliberately reminded but the two were only yes, yes. I was not convenient to speak straight out with you because I was a sister-in-law, not my sister, so many things were difficult. I had to get up early to make breakfast for her husband and both husbands and houses Then frankly work
I just kept looking at me to wear anything and didn't release it, but there was no time to make it like before. I wanted to go home to buy the supermarket to buy food and pick up the house. Finished rice stabbed into cleaning the house to late evening leaning back. The point is when I have a vote but both husbands don't have any changes. I still have to do the whole housework, not to mention the increasingly difficult, epidemic work.Ving the raging, my couple is at home working online. I thought it was staying at home, I will support the ran to work again, but it turns harder because you have to serve 2 husbands. The water is overflowing, I can't help it. I declare straight to her husband to choose between me and her husband's two children. If I choose me, you must tell the two to go home or go. If I choose my husband, I will immediately write a divorce and go home and go home. I know my husband stands in the middle will be awkward but must be decisively once to later when my child will be a good Live the most happy and fun. I have to "harsh" once for my family to go back but to last like this, I will be crazy. (You read anonymously)

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