I’m Looking Forward To Discovering On The Blanket Something Unusual

What is close to the side next to the guy? 0: 00/1: 03 nuns like many other pet farmers, the guy in this story also has a few lovely cats in the house. , when it suddenly woke up because of an unusual thing, the scene before his eyes and pictures of the pet made him unconsciously startled, according to suffering of suffering, when he ended a tired working day on the day That, he returned home and lay down on the bed to take a nap. Then just as he did, the boy suddenly felt something was weighing down on the blanket next to him. At that time, the guy was Unexpectedly woke up. And the scene before his eyes made him dare not to budge any further anymore

. Cash, the thing on his blanket is the kitten - "product" of her own cats. Can Because the temperature in the room is slightly cold, the mother cat has been multiplying when the owner sleeps but forgive me to get on the bed so they can keep it warm. This here
After discovering this, the guy had to rise the air conditioning temperature because it would soon become the "heater" for these emperors ... according to Phuong Uyen / PhapluatBandoc

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