I’m Stunned When I Saw The Sister’s High-rise Abdomen, The More Terrified When I Knew The ‘author’ Fetus

It was long for a long time, I guessed my unusual things. Unexpectedly I hide the whole house in the sky <: 00/1: 59 Nam Nam, I have a younger sister who is currently in college in the 3rd year. Compared to me, my sister has more money. In any year, she was a school scholarship, even the company also promised to accept my brother right after graduating. I thought I only focused on studying so I didn't remind her to pay attention to the love story have a cold

. On the occasion of my brother to leave school, I had time to observe and discovered some unusual things. If I often like to eat, this time, she's afraid of eating those dishes. Not to mention suddenly, my brother also changed the way to dress
Previously she was looking simple, suitable for the physique, now only choose baggy clothes. As a daughter, I also have a good feeling that is not good, it is intended to have time to sit and mind with me. (Artwork) Dividend this afternoon, when pushing the door to the toilet, I accidentally meet my sister stand inside. It is worth mentioning that she is playing up, revealing the stomach has been high. Seeing me are stunned, the sister only knows how to put his hands, please don't talk to their parents. She said she missed pregnant with her lover. Now the two people are living together, the other family knows about the but most decided not to agree to get married. Want to know how my brother acquainted, I caught her for yourself to see his photo and personal page. The more I look, the more I don't believe in the truth, because I know that man clearly. University day, we studied a department
At that time, he was scandalous because of the murder of flowers, even two girls came to the school he tried to fish two hands. It seems that I don't know the past of lover, she also affirmed The baby's father will be responsible. Now boys do not agree, my parents don't know, if my brother is so blind, afraid of later will suffer a big shock. Should I tell you the truth about that man and advise me to tell everything for your parents to hear it? (Please hide your name) according to T.

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