I’m Too Strict Or Cruel Mother?

Since getting married, I'm often scolded by my mother by my mother. In a few decades, I suffered by abandoning the ears of what she said. The point of me and her husband strened to have children, my mother-in-law said that slowing pregnancy was my fault and I was lucky My son did not decide to divorce. When I was born and were in a breastfeeding period, one day the whole family decided to visit her. I didn't ask for any questions

. I'm busy to take care of me, hungry but don't get anything you eat. I have to go to the kitchen to make myself a bowl. But when I just cooked, my mother-in-law ran, pulled the bowl from my hand and asked her son to eat in front
The illustration of me. My mother and her mother told me that my parents were happy to know she couldn't live near her son. I don't understand why she always thinks bad about my parents like that. The mother-in-law was all sin to my head. Even while I was exhausted in pain, she also scolded me as a sister-in-law, not to comfort her when she also lost a grandchild. When I wanted to hold my husband a birthday party Unexpectedly, to do this, I need the help of my mother-in-law, but she refused. Not only that, when she arrived at the party, she also told me to be bad with all the guests invited that day. When I gave birth to the 3rd child, my mother-in-law came to the hospital, waiting for my husband to leave the room, she looked over I then said a sentence to let me leave: "When can you make sure this doesn't happen again?". Recently, I talked to her about the successes in my career. In fact, she was the one who suggested that I told it but in the end, she said a cold question: "You have nothing special"
I can endure all my mother's insults, but when She was insulting my children or my parents, I couldn't accept it. I always protect them with any price. The scary and dangerous thing in my mother-in-law is that she is very good. She often said good things when my husband was there so every time I complained about her, my husband always expressed skeptical attitude and wanted to authenticate from what was uttered from her mouth. The day I was more determined to escape this scary relationship. But when I prepared to act, the whole family tended to oppose me. Even my birth parents, they all thought I thought badly about my mother-in-law. None of them knew her true personality. Of course, she could not play in front of my husband. You live with her from a young age, so I understand how she is. But I'm afraid that you have been mentally violent by her from a small, so he thinks it is ... normal. So I think I shouldn't do it bigger and break a "happy" family. The fact that everyone looks at our lives all think that everything is very good. I'm no longer What options are better than ... continue to stop. Anyway, my mother-in-law was old, she couldn't stay forever. I also did not cook my intention to take revenge when the old lady was weak and had no resistance. I feel more comfortable and lush with the thoughts "Perhaps the previous life I have owed or do something with you, watching this life I pay grandmother" .Theo Thuy Kieu / Education

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