Immersed Myself In Nature

Nature is a dose to heal a lot of lesions, a comfort for those who are suffering in: 00/2: 53 South of the fourth Wednesday, April 23, 1944, Anne Frank climbed to the attic On the house where her family was hidden for two years to visit Peter, the Jewish boy lived with them. After Peter completed his work, both sat down to Anne's favorite position on the floor and Looking over the small window frame to the world where they were forced to leave behind. Looking at the blue sky, the leaves are leaves below, the birds down to dance, both passionate about not speaking . It was quiet, peaceful, it was a bitter than their cramped house. As if the world had no war, as if Hitler did not kill millions of people and their families did not go through every day Now with the risk of killing

. Leading all, the beauty seems to be thrown. Anne told himself: "As long as this sunshine exists, this cloudless sky, and just I can enjoy it, how can I be sad?" Then she wrote in Japan His signing that nature is a drug cure all, a comfort for anyone and those who suffer. To do that, whether spring flowers bloom or harsh flowers, tell Even when it was dark and rainy, when opening the window was too dangerous and had to sit in a suffocating heat to work, Anne always tried to find something in nature to enhance the spirit and concentrate himself
She wrote: "Beauty still, even in unhappiness. As long as you search for it, you will discover a lot of happiness and regain your balance. "That's right. And it can be a peaceful source and strength. Nature is a peaceful source of living, helping to heal wounds. Photo: Provence. [...] Not every beauty is beautiful immediately
We are not always in the farm, in addition to the beach or overlooking the vast canyon. That's why philosophers have to cultivate the poet's eyes - the ability to see beauty everywhere, even in what trendy or terrible.Marcus Aurelius, who is supposed to pursue sieves Strictly, love beauty in your own Whitmanesque. Why can he write such a very life in a very good way that "toast cracks in many places and those cracks, not according to the art of the art Maker, catch our eyes and stir our appetite "or" the charm and attraction "of nature like" heavy ripe rice stems, the frown of the lion or foam dripping from Wildlife muzzle. Come to your last resting place in a charming way, like a ripe olive can fall, praise the earth that has nurtured it and gratefully gave it the development ". [...] Don't Miss the beauty of life. See the world as a temple just like it. Let every experience the same as the church experience. Amazingly before the fact that these things exist - you exist. Even when we are killing each other in meaningless battles, even if we are killing themselves with meaningless things, we are always Can stop and bathe in the beauty around. Let the beauty make you soften. Let it bleach you.Ryan Holiday / Dan Tri and Tan Viet Books

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