Impatient Because Of The Upcoming Political Events And Disseminates From Korea, Korea Spoke Up

On August 18, South Korea Minister Lee In-Young urged North Korea to return to the negotiating table this year, while expressing concerns about the upcoming political events in the area that could slow down Peace process with Pyongyang. Korean urged North Korea to return to the negotiating table this year aimed at efforts to bring sustainable peace on the Peninsula. (Source: Matzav) In a speech at a thematic conference taking place in Seoul, Minister Lee In-Young emphasized, resuming dialogue before the end of this year is important for both Korean and American regions In order to bring "sustainable peace" on the Korean Peninsula. Lee stated: "It is likely that the motivation for the peace process on the Korean peninsula will weaken due to the impact of many factors, including The plan of the Korean presidential election in the second half of this year, the election between the United States next year and the ability to compete strengthen between the US and China ". The Minister Lee In-Young indicates that , international events such as the world's leading emerging and emerging economic group (G20) in Rome and the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022 may be an important opportunity To build trust and resume cooperation between the two Korean regions

. This official said: "We call on Korea soon to the negotiating table with a flexible and active attitude to discuss About non-nuclearization, mitigating sanctions, normalization of relations with the US and improving inter-Korean relations ". Before, on August 15, in speech on television on National Day, Korean President Moon Jae-in mentioned "Korean peninsula model" contributing to the prosperity of the entire Northeast Asia. Korean leaders said that peace on the Korean peninsula meansful Weight for the prosperity of the world as well as of the two Korean countries
In particular, he sent a message to Korea, called on the country to dialogue and participate in realizing the Korean peninsula model. July 27, South Korea and North Korea agreed to restore the line Contact Lien Trieu after 13 months of suspension. (According to Yonhap)

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