Implementing A Series Of Popular Dishes, Lan Khue Caused Viewers When Presented As A High-class Restaurant

The popular dishes that Lan Khue made an eye-catching eye is as soon as the famous restaurant. The famous Cabbage is, skillful in the kitchen story, right from the time of time for a single, Lan Khue has shown itself to cook Extremely eye-catching social networking. From after marriage with the businessman and giving a son, Lan Khue gradually operate in the showbiz. She spends most of the time for business as well as taking care of his home and little boy.Lan Khue Khue is very popular and can cook most Vietnamese dishes

. In particular, the cuisine is familiar with simple but when she is processed, it becomes extremely attractive to a beautiful show, no less of the dishes in the luxury restaurant. First is soup Fungal corn has been served with boiled quail eggs, herbs. Feeling dishes are made simplified by her that are still attractive, many nutrients are enough to load energy for the new day
The hot soup bowl was wrapped in a sliced boiled quail eggs, a little bit of a minced, minced chili. Warehouse was the favor of Mr. Lan Khue commune. Therefore, in the home lunch menu, she often made this dish. Warehouse meat is a popular, popular and familiar dish in each Vietnamese family's rice. With Lan Khue, let meat warehouse delicious, she marinated 600 gr meat with 4 tablespoons of fish sauce, 2 tablespoons of sugar, salt, pepper, chili and minced garlic. Making the water fin finished putting the meat marinated into the island's pot for a few minutes and then giving coconut water or water filtered into the warehouse of the riu. The crab vermicelli is also a very familiar dish of many people. This affordable dish was processed and presented quite nicely with a nursery and fatty beans to eat with the tunnel, crunchy ears. Of course, on the surface to sell vermicelli, she also added a little onion giving the smell
Besides, Lan Khue also prepares a piece of live vegetables including spinach, banana blades, prices, herbs, lemons and chili. With a cross-slender salad, Lan Khue also causes viewers to swallow saliva when submitting It is very delicious. She said, to cook quickly and not soaked but still flexible after the fold, put it in the rice cooker and then add salt and pour boiling water into the face invasion, then press the cook button. She is mealed with Sausage, thin thin omelette of Thai fibers, pate, sweet salty rim, on the above drainage, with a fragrant onion. Simple and soft steaming bread, soft, topping minced meat, pate, onion, onion leaves ... are presented by her on a small mother, served with raw vegetables and sweet and sour, easy to eat and harmoniously in harmony. Eating in summer day, just eating with white rice is delicious enough. Sweet meat clams, ingested spices, stir-fried with fragrant fragrant basil, a bit of spicy peppers. This stir-fried tofu price is very suitable for performing in hot days. Fried bean sprouts should have cruel crisps and fried tofu, a bit of sliced peppers and pepper is right away a good food for health and easy to eat in the summer.

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