Impressive Numbers From ‘genuine Super Sale, Landing Lazmall’

From September 9-9 to September 9, Lazada e-commerce platform deployed the largest genuine shopping festival with the topic of 'genuine super sale, landing Lazmall', to cheer shopping spirit Safety and optimism at home as well as contributing to help brand stable and business development. Illustrated only in the first 2 hours (0 hours - 2 hours) of September 9, Lazada has recorded many children Impressive shopping number. Here are the comparable data with the first 2 hours of the 9.9-year 2020 shopping festival (taking place from 9-9 to 11-9-2020). Lazada's total revenue increased by more than 2 times, of which Lazmall - system Lazada genuine booth system tripled

. Orders on Lazmall increased 3 and the number of customers shopping on Lazmall increased more than 2.5 times. Electronics, health and beauty are 2 industries recorded Receive 3-fold revenue growth
More than 2,000 electronic accessories in general and phone accessories in particular are sold, serving the needs of learning and working at home. Nearly 10,000 sunscreen products and Makeup remover is sold. This data shows that consumers begin to prepare for school plans and go to work again in the future.Top best-selling items include dry food, ready-made food, fast food; milk and dairy preparations; skin care products such as masks, cleanser, makeup remover; Phone accessories; fabric softener; sports equipment and clothing; The equipment supports learning and working at home such as laptops, headsets, books of products purchased the most from 1 customer: 40 products. The highest payment value is over 50 million VND. The shopping bridge combines home entertainment continues to be positively responded by consumers. Specifically, the Livestream Programs "Super Association" and Home Concert "Lazada 99 Supershow - Genuine Party" take place on the Lazada application that attracts a total of more than 5 million views.

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