Impressive Photo Contest ‘country From The Sea’

Winning works at the picture contest 'Country viewed from the sea' by the true national political publisher in collaboration with the Institute of Communications and Human Resources Development, photography magazine and organizational life are works The best product in a total of nearly 4,000 photos sent to the competition to award. These photos will be selected to print books, publish into the Ministry of Vietnam Island Sea Calendar in 2022, contributing to promoting the promotion and promotion of the country. Author Pham Quang Tien The attendance works to reflect the content to improve the sense of protecting the sacred islands of the Fatherland (in the photo: Works "Binh Minh on Ly Son island" by author Nguyen Huu Thu Won the first prize of the competition) Many authors have brought the breaths and beats of real life, the production workers of the people in the sea, the island sent to his work (in the photo: the work "silver sea for Golden Life "by Author Tran Nam Son won the second prize) Works" Fishing mesh fishing "by Do Tuan Ngoc won the prize for encouraging the" Sea Festival "of Vu Van Thanh's authorities Beautifully describing the preservation of islands, conservation of marine life, developing seafood resources is also shown by art corner corner (in the picture: the "reef conservation Ho's "by the author Truong Phu Quoc won the second prize of" Nhon Hai seaweed season "by author Nguyen Phuoc HoiTátát" Phu Quoc Chai Village "of the author Duong Hoang Hanhlam Thanh

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