In Addition To The ‘love Flavor’, This Is Vietnamese Remake Movie With A Female Feminine That Causes ‘zn’!

While many people are complaining the male's role of 'Flavor "forever do not escape bad life, the reality among Vietnamese movies removed (remake) from Korean movies, there is a project that makes the audience want to' free Zn 'When watching the costume of the Female Main.0: 00/2: 13 NAMSHE WAS PRETTY has an extremely special welding film with very special women. Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) - The female character in the movie is considered ugly with tangled hairy hair, frantic spending face; And the dress was strange, not like the female main girls who were often seen in Korean movies. Looking at, who seemed to see why it was strange and flashy. But after that, everyone gradually realized that this girl was actually dressed, there was a private style, not what they could wear

. Even, the style of Oxford and tire shoes, went with Hye Jin's t-shirt wide pants have been loved by many people after the movie. origin. Also the same items, the same, but the results are very different
In the first episode of my first love (She was pretty Vietnamese), the stylist was very hard to spread Ngoc wear like Hwang Jung Eum. But the replacement of a high-necked white socks to all colorful colorless unintentionally turning An Chi becomes a flashy girl. While Hwang Jung Eum wears a long-term hug pants, Lan Ngoc Break the way with short tube pants. Here, the plus spot has been for the Korean version because he looks elegant, more neat than An Chi in some scenes still wearing the set of things that looks very "zn" make the audience laugh. However, The most controversial factor in SHE WAS PRETTY VIET VERSION When the film waves is the makeup stitching. In the original, the female face spent a freckled chat, so the cheeks were trapped and slightly pink like this. Sang Vietnam, the cheeks flushed naturally turned to "dragon fruit" pink, causing many people Watching the Korean unknown that the female main peace was freckled or was sent in the middle of the face. In close-up images, the freckles are so dark that looks no different from burns. Because the freckles often coincall with the lips of the character An Chi so many people guessed that the makeup specialist used a lipstick to create a color, the result of a pink when moving to oranges. Hwang Jung Eum and Lan Ngoc next to each other will see the welding makeup stitching even though it is still a natural feeling, and the Vietnamese version is unfortunately not as an unexpected audience

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