In The Family There Is A Conflict That The Wife Penalizes Her Husband, Watchs Losing Her Husband

As a woman, don't think about gaining over. No matter how angry, I don't penalize my husband! You need to remember, the house is a place whether the couple has a few conflicts, not leaving. By once he left it was difficult to return. Don't think her husband because of fear of losing his wife and followed his house to pick up. With a woman ready to leave his family away, men are not afraid to lose, as if they don't respect their own husbands this is what many women still do

. You need to remember how to sleep separately even if it's loud together. (Artwork) is a spouse who wants to warm up the affection to wake up together, sleep together every night. Don't let conflicts make up the distance in the critical collision immediately
Also remember, intimacy touch is also a way to solve couple conflicts. Wearing a child for her husband is extremely harmful to marriage when the couple quarrel. Many women who are angry with their husbands are hitting their children. But when I threw the anger they knew they fouled even worse. It was leaving the obsessions of his child. Women, the young children are very fragile, don't bury the baby to grow up many tigers. Don't make her husband's uses without exit, affecting the psychology of children. (Artwork) Furthermore if you leave your child for her husband also makes men judge you are irresponsible mother. This wife, men don't want to comfort, the more you don't want to be healed. Then they will choose how to spread by the cold war
Husband needs to communicate, share every day, so we will understand each other, just love each other more. If you are silent, every problem will not be solved. The silence will push 2 people away from each other, so the wife needs to consider carefully, maybe when I don't talk to him, he is Chat with her mind also. According to Tru Nguyet / KhoeVadep

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