In The Middle Of The Day, Why Are Skin Still Black?

The color is mainly due to the UV rays from the sun. So in addition to the UV rays, the skin is black and darkened due to the cause? 0: 00/2: 22 NULTSWARDS Understand the cause of colored pitting skin to help you quickly find a more effective white skin care. The cause of the skin vactory can be mentioned below: UV rays harmful to Datia UV from the sun is still known as an actuator that makes the skin seen. Especially when the skin is not protected by sunscreen or carefully shielded, the UV rays will impact, stimulate melanin production and hurt the skin. The harmful effects of UV rays to the skin, mild, causing the skin Color, irregular color, cases of severe damage caused by UV rays can cause skin burning, skin peeling

. UV from sunshine makes the skin darkened black (internet image) reality Transmission can be one of the reasons why your skin is darker than others. In order to overcome genetic-sutsy skin, it may be more difficult, but if it works for skin care, skin care and good skin protection, the skin can still improve significantly. To the skin, there is no factors such as the sun or genetic that the diet also directly affects the skin
The addition to the non-full body nutrient is one of the causes of skin Penamed. Using a regular electronic device When working with electronic devices such as computers, phones for a long time make light from computers, phones directly projected into the skin also increase melanin production , this is the reason why the skin is darkened and also forms dark circles. Using electronic equipment, causing the pit skin (internet image) pathology makes the skin coloring a few pathology can cause skin colors to change like : - Decline in liver function. - People with kidney failure. - Hormonal disorders (pregnant women, menopause, menopause, ...) - Iron accumulation, ..
in addition to k Combined to treat diseases with skin whitening measures can overcome this black dark skin. Late possession of late sleeping is also the cause of skin health, causing skin tired, dark. Therefore, in order to have a healthy skin, arrange a reasonable break, not to stay up late. Late is the reason why black skin (Internet image) when the skin is not enough to moisture skin, but the skin is not enough moisture The reason why the skin is dry, dark, melasma and wrinkles difficult to recover. So in the steps of skin care, indispensable moisturizing steps for skin.Da is damaged by cosmetics Some types of cosmetics can contain strong detergents especially for whitening cosmetics causing erosion Leather layer outside. Therefore, after use can easily see smooth skin, light up to see but over time the skin will be darkened. According to Julian / PhapluatBandoc

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