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The work of 'Quoc Tu Giam has a female disciple' due to the million-month and the mainstream of the mainstream is underestimated in the content, causing uncomfortable problems because of a lot of problems. September 23, Sina reported the movie Quoc Tu Giau TV has a female disciple broadcasting with the participation of Million Lo, from Khai Sinh, Nham Hao. The monisonance has a female disciple, ancient film, adapted from the novel of the same name Hoa Thien Tu. The film story revolves around Tang Ky (Million Lo Tu), the daughter of Dai Tu Ma Tang Cong, taking the female body to go to school in Quoc Tu Giam - the school is only for men. Here, Ms

. and Yen Van Chi (from the opening) emotionally. The scenic scenes are rated as a movie because of inconsistent ancient backdrops. Photo: QQ
Dù attracts a large number of monitoring audiences, the work still encountered many criticisms for movies and revealers. In the episode of the millionth and from the opening from the opening into the lake, Ephesia and the equipment made in the frame in a wide-angle scene. In addition, the 23-year-old female star was revealed to the use of stunting actors. The literally suggests that the post-length cutting section shows the attitude of working through the speakers and lack of films. At the same time, because this is not a difficult scene, they also identify the beautiful people Tran Thien Thien in the rumors of lazy in acting, hesitating badly. The Figure of the men and women also received negative reviews. Trieu Lo Private Review Excessive Makeup, Some scenes lack of chu when revealing gold-dyed hair inappropriately ancient project. Shaping the image of the opening is not as beautiful as the morning, revealing overweight shape and rough face on the screen. The idol singer entangled many private scandals, but still retained the performance in the country with a female disciple. Photo: Sina, Sohu
Currently, the work broadcasts to episode 8. Sina Comments Quoc Tu Giam has a female disciple that continues to be the "industrial" film of Zhonghong to the love of the love of the double " Oan joined ", only suitable for entertainment because there are many humorous situations. Acting for millions of private projects are not appreciated. She still walks around with a sweet and cute character. The private line is a rising artist of Chinese language entertainment. Her name was paid attention to the success of the film Tran Thien Thien in the rumor and the role of Lac Yen in the school. She got the hearts of the audience mainly because of the lovely appearance.

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