In The Past, Yeri (red Velvet) Is Only Amorously Tingled With A Lighthouse Of 250k

Let's see what this product is special that Yeri loves to go to the 200:00 to 1: 39 South of the beauty secrets of Korean stars is always interested in people. Although famous, sang and very rich, many Korean stars are only immersed of love with popular cosmetics. Typically, Yeri, recently, she has just makes it unexpected when he loves his favorite cream products that are only 250k cream from Cetaphil. Specifically when they are asked about skin care products Yeri loves, Women Idol did not hesitate to take photos of Cetaphil Soothing Gel Cream that she was using. In cosmetics village, Cetaphil is always a famous name with calm and benign product lines

. Particularly for this product line, this is the stream of ice cream with moisturizing ability, helps prevent peeling and soothing skin.Cetaphil soothing gel cream with aloe vera gel and moisturizing ingredients to ease Dry skin, bubble, and moisture and moisture lock, keep the skin smooth. The textured gel texture should be osmotic quite quickly, not greasy sticky
It is quite benign, so sensitive skin can also be used. This cream line can be used for both face and body, dry skin areas such as elbows, knees. His moisturizing ability can be up to 24h. Because it is so gentle and versatile so it is not difficult to understand when this is a lingerie that Yeri loves and always holds 1 tube in the bag . After being revealed, many Netizen also "leaked" each other had to go to buy 1 tube like her to protect the skin in the winter. Besides the type of type of type design as of Yeri, this product line also has a large jar design to help you spoil your use, protect the skin throughout the winter.

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