Inauguration Of Gratitude House Worshiping Vietnamese Hero

The Border Guard Command (BĐBP) of Quang Tri Province and Party Committee, local authorities have just inaugurated the gratitude house in worshiping Vietnamese heroes and martyrs in Vinh Thuy commune (Vinh Linh district) .0: 00 / 1: 18 nam 0000: 00/01: 04 Representative of the Communist Party Central Committee of Quang Tri province in collaboration with the Party Committee, Vinh Thuy Commune People's Committee (Vinh Linh district, Quang Tri province) and local departments and localities agencies On July 13, organizing the inauguration ceremony, handing over a gratitude house to worship the Vietnamese hero and martyrs in Thuy Ba Ha village. I have been completed. Very spacious and solidly, the house is built to be a place to worship the Vietnamese mother of Cao Thi Van Hero, 2 children are Nguyen Dang Ba and Nguyen Dog sacrifice in the resistance against US rescue water. expressing gratitude for the contributions and sacrifices of the heroic Vietnamese mother's family and martyrs in the career struggling to liberate ethnicity and show good moral tradition "drinking water remember source", Set Prestige of Quang Tri Province Support, contribute and mobilize funding from individuals and enterprises to be VND 65 million, along with more than 20 million VND of Vietnamese mother-in-law relatives Hero to build, repair and upgrade The house is on

. After nearly 2 months of construction, the house has been fulfilled in spacious and solidly. The project is practically practicing the anniversary of the 74th anniversary of war invalids and martyrs 27-7. This occasion, the Commander of Quang Tri Province and Party Committee, People's Committee of Vinh Thuy commune also awarded the Vietnamese mother's mother's mother Cao Thi Van The meaningful gifts
Representatives of agencies and departments at the Ceremony of the Ministry of Soldiers of Quang Tri Province in Quang Tri Province to the Vietnamese Mother of Hero Cao Thi Van and martyrs. Party Committee, People's Committee of Vinh Thuy commune, Hieu Tam awarded gifts to relatives of the Vietnamese mother's mother's family. Vinh Quan - Hoang Quan

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