Increase The Term Of Using Two-month Vaccine Lots 3 Months: What Does The Ministry Of Health Say?

The Ministry of Health said that the expiry of 6 months to 9 months with two plots Vaccine Pfizer was passed by the US Drug and Food Management Agency (FDA) and European Pharmacy Management Agency (EMA) ... 0: 00/2: 34 NORTH NORTHMENT Illustration. Information about 2 Lot Vaccine Covid-19 Pfizer has been used until November 30, Prof

. Dr. Phan Trong Lan, Director of Preventive Medicine Department , Ministry of Health said that with Vaccine Pfizer from August 22 was under US Food and Food Management Agency (FDA) and European Pharmaceutical Management (EMA) on September 10 From 6 months to 9 months. This means 2 lots of vaccine pfizer 124001 and 123002 in Vietnam, there is still a long time using 3 months
The Phan Trong Lan also adds, increasing the use of the vaccine is based on the results of stability research According to the instructions for new drugs as well as biological products. Research is conducted on different storage temperatures, the results show that the vaccine has a stability, quality assurance, and 9 months From the date of production. This use extension is globally applied globally and is used for all subjects, including children aged 12 and over. This extension has also been rigorously verified and ensuring security quality Full, effective. Vaccine Pfizer has a limited use of 6 months automatically increases the term to 9 months after the FDA and EMA period approved above. On the conclusion basis of FDA and EMA, on September 30, the issuance council issued Vietnam's drug circulation registration has officially adopted long-term use of Pfizer's vaccine from 6 months to 9 months. Next, on October 22, the Department of Drug Administration, the Ministry of Health had a document 12926 / QLD-KD agreed on the shelf life of the Covid-19 Pfizer room vaccine. Vietnam after October 22 with a term of 6-month printing on the label, it automatically increased for 3 months. Thus, for 2 lots of vaccine 124001 and 123002, there will be a shelf life until 28/2/2022. Representative of the Ministry of Health also informed, the Preventive Medicine Department has directed the Immunization Program to expand injections The strain ensures efficient safety and communications for people to understand
Before that, the Central Institute of Epidemiology has allocated 2.96 million doses of Pfizer Vaccine Lot 124001 and 113002 for the Center for Disease Controls in the provinces and cities City to deploy vaccination for children aged 12-17 years. Under certificate of vaccine, biological products, 2 lots of vaccine are limited to 30/11 / 2021.

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