India Launches Unsuccessful Missiles Carrying Earth Observing Satellites

On the morning of August 12, an Indian missile carrying the Earth observation satellite encountered the problem after taking off the area.0: 00/1: 13Nam of the Rocket to launch the missile carrying the earth failure. Artwork: RTXVN players defeat this time is considered a step back to the universe explorer program of Delhi.In notice, Indian space research organization (ISRO) indicates the GSLV brought rocket EOS-03 satellite has been launched at 7h13 on August 12 (Vietnam Time) from Satish Dhawan Space Center in southern India. GSLV Famils take off smoothly but have problems in the final stage due to errors Skill

. Isro said GSLV's mission has been "not completed as planned". EOS-03 crystal is designed to put into the geosene orbit on the equator of the earth at an altitude of nearly 36,000 km (22,500 miles) to Observing weather disasters such as tornadoes and rainworms.Theo astronomers Jonathan McDowell, GSLV and EOS-03 satellite missiles may have fallen into the Andaman Sea, Western Thailand
"The cradle" produces satellite observing the earth and is capable of launching these satellites on low orbits with a small part of the small part of the Western countries. However, in the past few years , India has shifted to a higher profitable potential than launching geosene satellites with a heavier weight used for telecommunications and meteorology ./. Phan An / VNA

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