India Supports Vaccine Preventing Covid-19 Nanocovax Produced By Vietnam

At the online conference held on September 23, the Tinh Tien Research Institute on Medical Science and Technology (THSTI) belongs to the General Biotechnology Department, Indian Ministry of Science and Technology signed a memorandum Regarding research cooperation with Nanogen Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Joint Stock Company of Vietnam.0: 00/1: 02 South Ambassador Vietnam in India Pham Sanh Chau Speaking.Theo Memo, Institute of Pure Research Advancing on Medicine Science and Technology will help Nanogen Joint Stock Company on testing the immune births of Nanocovax vaccines, studied and developed by Vietnam to prevent Covid-19. Indian ambassador In Vietnam Pranay Verma speech. The results of the Research Evaluation will be an important basis for Nanogen Joint Stock Company to apply for emergency use licenses for Vaccine Nano Covax from the Government of Vietnam

. The Research Institute Tinh Tien on India's medical science and technology speech. Pure research on India's science and technology science is the leading research in India In modern studies for vaccine testing and important studies in the field of medicine. Nanogen Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Joint Stock Company of Vietnam
Remember to be signed between the Institute and the Company Nanogen is a specific manifestation of close cooperation between India and Vietnam in assisting each other against Covid-19 pandemic. (According to Indian Europeans in Vietnam)

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