India Temporarily Holds Chinese Soldiers To Destroy After Crossing The Lac Boundary

Some Chinese soldiers in 200 people exceeded the actual control borders (LAC) to India were temporarily seized by Indian soldiers in Tawang Town, Arunachal Pradesh.0: 00/4: 10 namthun 200th Chinese soldiers from Tibet recently overflowed to India and tried to sabotage the Boongke here, NEWS18 - CNN relevant news platform - leading Indian government sources. Keeping Chinese soldiers according to sources, some Chinese soldiers out of 200 people have been temporarily seized by Indian soldiers in Tawang Town of Arunachal Pradesh (India). The incident last week in the area Breast Bum La Pass (Arunachal Pradesh) and Yangtse (Arunachal Pradesh), near the actual control boundary (LAC). India temporarily keeping Chinese soldiers trying to destroy after crossing the LAC boundary

. Photo: AFPTheo sources, China and India last week had a fierce dispute when Beijing patrol team surpassed Lac to India. Some Chinese soldiers have been detained by Indians. "The problem was later resolved at the local military commander" - a source in the Indian government told NEWS18
The party has not commented on the incident. However, defense and security sources told NEWS18 that there is no damage to India's defense system. "Indian border - China has not been officially identified. Therefore, there is a difference in the awareness of Lac between countries "- The source said." Peace and peace in areas, where these different awareness survival, were possible How to comply with the existing agreements and protocols between the two countries "- The source said, adding that the two parties perform their own perceived patrol activities." Whenever the patrol force The two sides encounter each other, the situation is managed according to the protocols and mechanisms that have been established that the two sides agreed "- the source said, adding that" direct touch can last a few English.Theo News18, China's aggression in the region is not new. In 2016, more than 200 Chinese soldiers were supposed to have overcome Lac into the Indian side in the Yangtse area, but have returned after a few hours. In 2011, the Chinese army tried to break the wall 250 m long acres the Indian side of Lac and damaged this wall, the move made New Delhi opposes Beijing. The latest Earth in just a month after a similar incident, when the Chinese army It is supposed to have implemented fierce patrols in the Barahoti region of Uttarakhand state near Lac
According to a report on Economic Times, Chinese soldiers were present in this area for a few hours before returning to the temporary defense of Chinese soldiers to destroy after crossing the Lac boundary . Photo: PTI, and China continues to fight in Lac in the East of Ladakh since May 5-2020, although the two sides withdrawing troops from Pangong Tso and the Gogra area after a series of military negotiations The diplomacy and diplomacy. However, the stress situation has yet to have a sign of the ladder when the two sides continue to maintain thousands of supplemental soldiers along Lac. India and China will soon organize the command of the commander negotiations The 13th Corps in East Ladakh, in which the focus may be the dissolution of soldiers in the hot springs area. However, while the attempt to withdraw troops is being promoted in the eastern Ladakh, the moves Recent intrusion shows that China is trying to expand the range of intrusion to the eastern areas and the center. Strategic location of Tawangtheo News18, Tawang area is of importance to India. Strategically, Tawang helps access the Brahmaputra delta and provides the shortest axis to the city. Tezpur in Assam state. A senior defense official told NEWS18 that the contact lines from Tawang lasted to TP. Guwahati (Assam) and Siliguri corridor stretched, which made Tawang important in military aspects. "Three main roads there - Bomdilla, Nechiphu and se la (Connect Tawang with the rest of Arunachal state Pradesh) - Supporting India to deploy the defense system, "this official said, the Indian army is preparing for a harsh winter along Lac.In when China is conducting upgrading Large infrastructure on its side, on the other side of Lac, India is also rapidly developing large-scale infrastructure in the region so that it can provide garrison for thousands of 50,000- 60,000 supplements are thing to Lac - mainly in the eastern region of Ladakh - since 2020. Since, the living conditions of soldiers will be relatively better than last year, the Defense Sources said. .

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