India: The Couple Twins Two Girls Right 2 Years After The Lost Day Of Two Big Daughters

An unbelievable miracle came to the Indian couple: exactly 2 years ago, they lost 2 girls for an accident, then this year, they got twins with 2 daughters, At the right day of 2 daughters head. Netizens call this a very rare accidental story available in: 00/2: 06 NAM in life, at any time can happen "turning point", it is important not Abandoning hope. A couple in Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh, India) thought that their world was completely broken when she lost 2 daughters on September 15, 2019. That day, APPALA Raju, a glass manufacturing company, and Bhagyalakshmi agreed to 2 daughters to go out of the boat on the Godavari River. Unfortunately, the accident happened - it was one of the most tragic boat immership in Andhra Pradesh, making dozens of people drowned

. Among the victims with 2 children of Raju, were 3 years old and 1 year old, with his mother Raju (ie she of 2 children). A couple India had a miracle year Now, after they suffer from great pain in 2 years ago. Artwork: India
Reality, Her husband and wife Raju should have went out on that boat, but at the last minute, they decided to stay at home because Mr. Raju felt unwell. Therefore, his husband and wife escaped, but lost 3 relatives at the same time. His husband Raju was extremely desperate. After that, they wanted to give birth to a child, but because the pandemic caused a lot of difficulties, they to postpone this plan. Then this year was lucky to come to them. Bhagyalakshmi pregnant and twin two girls. 2 babies were born on September 15, 2021, ie exactly 2 years from the first two daughters of Mr. Raju's house to meet the accident. Raju (middle and right) and 2 new dexters born
Photo: Times of India.Anh Ms Raju said that 2 new girls were born to help them have hope in life after 2 years extremely suffering. Bhagyalakshmi smiled when he said to the press: "We are very happy and feel lucky. This is a miracle. We didn't even think there would be twins. "Sadha Padmasree, who cared for Bhagyalakshmi and 2 babies, said that the two new twins were born weighing 1.9 and 1.6kg, though a little light weight but absolutely healthy.

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