Indian And Chinese Troops Confront The Border

About 200 Chinese soldiers tried to destroy non-outsiders and Indians had temporarily arrested some of these soldiers in this 9: 00/1: 34 South Indian and Chinese soldiers in the face In the border area on the actual control line (LAC), this time is in the eastern state of India Arunachal Pradesh. The incident was in the week before the patrol groups of the two countries encountered in Tawang area in India's winter state. Ani Tan Ani news led India defense sources to indicate the last encounter in couple hour. Another source said that about 200 Chinese soldiers tried to destroy outsourcing and Indians had temporarily arrested some of these soldiers. India suggested that the Chinese troops violated the territory of the country

. The commander of the two parties dialogue in the field according to bilateral communication principles and reached the withdrawal agreement. Fortunately, the incident has not yet led to any collision. A Indian fighter flies through Ladakh, near the Himalayan border area has not been identified with China
(Artwork: France24) Up to this point, the border between India and China has not been officially identified and therefore, existing different views on the Lac between the two sides. The case has just been stem from this cause. However, India said that it is possible to maintain peace and quiet in areas where there are different views by complying with the agreements and principles existed between the two countries. Both India and China still conducted their own perceived patrol activities. However, in the case of patrol groups of the two sides met, everything will always be resolved under the mechanism and process The two sides agreed. Communication at the border can last for several hours before the Indian and Chinese troops withdraw by common awareness. In the beginning of August, India and China withdrew soldiers from the Gogra High Score Area in East Ladakh and moved to the bases deep in their territory ./. PV / VOV-New Delhi

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