Indian Car Owner For Trick Pulls Ford To Demonstrate Agent Because Of Continuous Error

Too frustrating due to twice buying cars are faulty, the owner of the Ford Endeavor 2020 in India has given a donkey to pull the car to the Ford's agent to demonstrate.0: 00/2: 01 male domain This reluctance is Arjun Meena - a customer who bought Ford Endeavour in India. In Vietnam, the model equivalent to Ford Endeavor is Ford Everest. Ford Endeavor car for trick to pull the car to the agent. Photo: Cartoqanh bought the Ford Endeavor for the first time in 2016 but unlucky to constantly encounter many malfunctions

. Then, in 2020, he changed to a completely new Ford Endeavor, continues to meet Must issues related to the drive system.Arjun Meena accuses that the transmission system fails, the gearbox does not transfer the number so the Ford Endeavor has been running has stopped in the middle of the road without any warning . These inconvenience made the time of Ford Endeavour in agent more at Arjun Meena's house
He intends to protest with his donkey within 7 days. Even when I was annoyed, he was going to burn the car to burn the car at the gate to sell the Ford on. The car asserted even when it brought a car to the agent many times, they still didn't have a good feedback Fix the incidents he encountered. Or if so, after only a few days of use, the car arises the same problems as the old, Ford in India has not yet given any comment on the case in video. Video. Not the first case to happen in India. Previously, there were other car owners of brands such as MG, Skoda, Jaguar or Toyota Land Cruiser ... have done similar things to attract attention and reclaim justice
Reality, in India, A large part of customers who are unhappy about the products they have purchased are mainly related to quality, while firms do not solve them thoroughly to get complaints. The Law on Protection of Customer Rights has not really effectively led to litigation usually takes many years. Luong (According to Cartoq) Have you had a heart attack when driving? Please share videos, information to motorbike cars according to email: The appropriate content will be posted. Thank you!

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