Indian Foreign Minister: India – Trung Does Not Race Nuclear

Central for the past 1 year, since Beijing does not comply with the agreement on border issues, so 'tamper' the foundation of this relationship.0: 00/2: 06 Northern Northern region and China, the two Asian powers are in disagree with the dispute at the border over the past 1 year, but both countries do not participate in any nuclear weapons race. Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar stressed this in a speech in Moscow, Russian Federation. Mr. Jaishankar is a 3-day visit to Russia and has a speech at the International Institute of Economics and Primakov International Relations on 8 / 7

. India Chief Jaishankar spoke in Moscow on July 8 (Ani) Foreign Minister India The SubrahManyam Jaishankar expressed unread to have a nuclear weapon race between India and China. China became a nuclear powerhouse in 1964, India in 1998 .
. the development of China's nuclear program was greater than we a lot of "Indian Foreign Minister said in the presentation Rescue and officials Russia. The chief Jaishankar also said that there are many concerns about the bilateral relations in the past 1 year, since Beijing does not comply with the agreement on border issues, so " Mix the "foundation of this relationship. The territorial border between China and India broke out from May 5/2020 along the actual control line (LAC) in East Ladakh. The two sides have reached an agreement to withdraw the soldiers and weapons in February last in the north bank and Nam Ho Pangong. Currently, India and China are still pursuing dialogues to withdraw troops from existing disputes. According to the official information, the Indian and Chinese troops are still maintaining about 50,000- 60,000 soldiers on high-sensitive high-spots along LAC. Also in speech in Moscow, Indian Foreign Minister Moscow affirmed termites Indian relations - Russia is currently the world's most solid. He also called for non-stop nurturing bilateral relations still sturred many years after the Second World War. In the framework of 3-day Russian visit, India Foreign Minister would have a meeting of Sergei Lavrov on July 9, to discuss bilateral cooperation on multilateral forums, as well as discuss regional and international issues, including political processes in Afghanistan
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