Indian Wedding Music Makes 63 Birds Die From Heart Attack

A traditional Indian wedding with music, fireworks, dancing and a funny contribution band is considered to cause the death of 63 chickens. Dead chickens at a poultry farm in Balasore, Odisha, India. Photo: Times of India Ranjiet Kumar Parida said that the wedding has emitted the noise "painful ears" when they marching across his farm in the Balasore area, Odisha state, eastern India on midnight day 21/11. "I asked them to decline the volume because the music was too noisy, causing the chickens terrified. But they didn't listen to me, even the groom's friends still shouted at my face, "said Parida

. After 63 the chicken rolled out, a veterinarian told Mr. Parida that they died Due to heart attack. Immediately, on November 23, the farmer filed a lawsuit, asking wedding organizations to compensate
The farm has sued the wedding of the wedding. Photo: Times of India Mishra Zoology, Author A book writes about animal behavior, shared with Hindustan Times that, large noise increases the risk of cardiovascular disease in birds . "Chicken is dominated by biological rhythms controlled by the natural dark cycle of day and night. Sudden excitement or stress due to large noise can disturb their biological clocks, "Mishra said. However, the story has a beautiful ending after the police persuade both sides negotiate. Police representative said that farmers then withdrew a lawsuit. The wedding band members posted Duong (according to NDTV)

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