Indonesia Destroyed The Notorious Terrorist Ali Kalora

The leader of the extreme terrorist MIT Ali Kalora. Photo: SCMPAP on September 19 said, the Indonesian army destroyed the terrorist element hunted mostly in this country was Ali Kalora, who was contacted with an extreme organization IS.Y was destroyed 18-9 In a terrorist scanning campaign and extreme groups in the mountainous district Parigi Moutong of Central Sulawesi province. This area borders Poso district, which is considered a terrorist hot spot in the province. Standard General Farid Makruf, military commander of Central Sulawesi, said Ali Kalora was one of two elements destroyed in the raid

. The gun fight also caused another extreme element to kill, identified as Jaka Ramadan. "Ali Kalora is one of two gunmen destroyed in the capture. The remaining object is called Jaka Ramadan
Both were destroyed in the afternoon of 18-9 by the general combat force between the army and police in the Parigi Moutong Mountain, Trung Sulawesi province, "said Makruf, confirmed.Ali Kalora is the leader of the MIT network, each Swear to the IS terrorist organization in 2014. The group received responsibility for some police murder and minority people.

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