Indonesia Is A Peace Connection Between The Us And China?

In a recent statement, Indonesia's Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto affirmed that Indonesia acts as a Peace Bridge between the US and China, and promotes a good relationship with both powers .0: 00/1: 57 South Southeast Asia is located in a strategic position between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific region has become the main area for US-China competition. As the largest economy of ASEAN, Indonesia has been promoting the organization of this region with a stronger geopolitical position in the context of China Risers. Indonesia's Defense Minister Subianto. Photo: Indonesian Defense Ministry

. The 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Institute of Strategic and International Research Institute (CSIS) on August 16, Indonesia Defense Minister, Prabowo Subianto emphasized: in foreign policy, Indonesia excess Enjoy a free, dynamic and unlinked political background. Therefore, Indonesia needs to continue to maintain this policy, making friends with all countries. The Prabowo also gives an example of endless competition between the US and China
In particular, Indonesia's views are neutral and not on any country. Indonesia's defense minister affirmed that Van Than Nation should promote good relationships with both China and the United States so that this country can act as Hoa Binh bridge between two powers. In recent years, Indonesia Continuously improve relations with these two countries. With the US, Indonesia strengthened cooperation on security, especially in the war against terrorism and organized many exercises. Last August, Foreign Minister Indonesia visited the US and had the first strategic dialogue between the two countries, here, the two countries committed to cooperating with many problems, including maritime freedom protection in East Sea. Also this month, the two sides conducted the largest Garuda shield exercise in history. Strengthening cooperation with the US and allies, but Indonesia still maintains close relations with China. The Chinese Navy supported Indonesia to salvage the submarine sunk in the Java Sea in April. Beijing also sent tens of millions of doses of Vaccine Covid-19 to Indonesia, which is the mind of Asia, with a record number and die rising ./
Huong Tra / VOV-Jakarta

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