Indonesia: Merapi Volcano Sprayed Ash To 3.5 Km Away

Indonesia's most active volcano - Merapi on August 16 erupted, creating a cloud of in-air ash as a red lava flowing down the volcanic mouth.0: 00/1: 12 namdung namdung sprayer From Merapi Crater, from Tunggul Arum, Sleman District, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, June 21, 2021. Photo: THX / TTXVN This eruption takes place early in the morning of the same day with many different explosions. Merapi mountain sprayed ash ash to 3.5 km away, covering all local communities living nearby

. There are still no evacuation orders of people or reporting the number of casualties from the volcanic season. Merapi, located near Indonesia's Yogyakarta cultural capital on the Island Java, has been very strong in recent months. And at the end of last year, the authorities had raised the level of alarm on the mountain
According to Indonesia's geological agencies, residents were asked to stay away from Merapi mountain in a 5-kilometer radius this. The above agency added that people should avoid the mountain above and they were warned about the risk of lava to flow into the area around the mountain. The latest strong eruption of Merapi Mountain happened in 2010, done 300 people were killed and forced the authorities to evacuate about 280,000 residents from the mountainous areas. It is the strongest eruption since the eruption in 1930 made about 1,300 people killed. Van Khoa (VNA)

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