Indonesia To Save, The World Replies

The necessities, medical equipment and Vaccine Covid-19 are being sentenced to Indonesia in Indonesia in the context of the number of people with viral infections increased rapidly. <: 00/6: 58 SouthIndonesia in the momentum became the mind New translation when the new number of cases of the country was the second highest in the world, only after India. In July 9, Indonesia authorities announced that there were 38,124 cases of Covid-19, and 871 cases of death death. To date, the number of people positive for SARS-COV-2 virus in Indonesia has reached over 2.4 million, the same number of deaths is 64,631

. Indonesia's diplomacy declares to receive international support, in the defiance The scene of "tsunami" Covid-19 is swept across Southeast Asia. Up to now, 10 countries and 3 international non-governmental organizations are committed to sending relief goods to Indonesia. Emergency support is one of the leading countries aid Indonesia dealing with disease situation
Australian relief shipments sent to neighboring countries including 1,000 breathing machines, 700 oxygen generators, 170 oxygen worth $ 8.9 million. Besides, Australia also aid Indonesia 40,000 Quick Testing sets Covid- 19, according to Sydney Morning Herald.General Australian Marise Payne said she had a telegram with Indonesia's Retno Marsudi on July 7 to confirm the relief shipment, in the context of Indonesia facing the wave of translation The worst disease in Southeast Asia. "Support from Australia will help expand the test capacity, maintain the operation of the health care system, as well as Help Indonesian emergency facilities in response With an increasing number of diseases, "Payne Foreign Minister said. Relief of Singapore's military aircraft transported to Indonesia. Photo: Straits Times. Another neighbor country is that Singapore has also entered. Two C-130 aircraft of the Singapore Air Force on July 9, transported medical necessities and many equipment such as breathing machines, masks, gloves and protective clothing to Indonesia. Singapore Ng Eng hen said the country's landing ship is also on the way to transport a lottery to support the needs of neighboring nation's medical treatment, according to Straits Times
theo an agreement between the two countries , Singapore aid 200 breathable machines and 256 waste meters of 40 liters for Indonesia. Inna, Indonesian military on July 9 announcements Received 756 gas heatings, 600 oxygen generators, 220 breathing machines and many devices Personal protection from Singapore. This unknown number of equipment is transferred to Indonesia in the form of an agreement. Luhut Pandjaitan Minorist and Investment Ministers said Indonesia has signed a contract to buy 10,000 oxygen generators from Singapore, the first batch of 30 machines dock on July 9. Besides, Indonesia will also buy 36,000 tons of Oxygen from Singapore within the next 30 days. Before that, the World Bank approved a $ 500 million loan to Indonesia to help its country enhance the activity of the Y system Mediterranean, as well as supporting the vaccination program Covid-19 for free. New financial financing from the World Bank will be used to increase the number of positive care beds, expand the test capacity, improve the system Monitoring and responding to epidemiology as well as communicating people with people. "Besides supporting all people approaching the free vaccination program, the loan will help the Indonesian health system more flexible, consolidated Monitoring capacity through testing and traces of Covid-19 ", Sadikin Medical Minister said. Million of vaccine doses are coming in exchange for Indonesian Foreign Minister Marsudi on July 2, Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said the United States will aid Southeast Asia 4 million doses of Vaccine Covid-19 developed by Moderna, according to CNN. Vaccine will be transferred to Indonesia within the Covax program framework as soon as possible. Indonesia is one of the Asian countries that received the most Covid-19 vaccines from the US. On July 9, an American government official confirmed the first 3 million doses of Moderna vaccine is on the way to Indonesia. The remaining vaccine number will be moved to the end of this year. In addition, Indonesia has received 14 million doses of Sinovac Vaccine from China, the authorities announced on July 9. This is the 18th Indonesian vaccine lot receiving from China. This vaccine has been shipped to pharmaceutical storage facilities in Bandung, West Java to wait for processing, before being put into vaccination. Coven vaccine -19 in Jakarta capital. Photo: Reuters. "We will need 1 month to handle the number of vaccines before they are ready to be used," Budi Gunadi Sadikin's medical minister said. In the beginning of July, Japan announced Indonesia aid 1 million doses of Astrazeneca's Vaccine Covid-19, according to Mainichi newspaper. Reporter reporters, Indonesian Ministers Indonesia Sadikin said the majority of vaccines supported by Japan will be transferred to areas affected. The heaviest of epidemics. "Can only deal with this terrible epidemic if all countries around the world

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