Information Of 106 Million Visitors Once Came To Thailand Spread Online Shocking

200 GB data warehouse contains personal information of 106 million international visitors to Thailand revealed on the Internet. The case is making many tourists resentment.02 / 2: 10 NAMBOB Diachenko, heads of network security research department at Comparitech Network Security Company, said the ElasticSearch data warehouse contains full full name , Passport number, arrival date, visa type, residence status, etc. Visitors' visitors are indexed by the Censys search engine on August 20, 2021 and Diachenko discovered this only two days later. Security expert at Comparitech said it is difficult to trace the exact time this data is leaked

. The main diachenk has also discovered its information out of 200GB of data spread. Immediately, he told Thai authorities. They acknowledge the problem and quickly secure data soon after Thailand's authorities claim non-third-party data with illegal access
According to Diachenko, any foreigner who came to Thailand Over the past decade may have been stealing personal data in the leak. The leakage information consists of the name, gender, passport number, time to Thailand ... and some other information.comParitech said there is no information to be disclosed to cause a financial threat Directly for the majority of people on the list because there is no bank details or contact information. The information of 106 million visitors once came to Thailand for a decade to spread on the Internet. Photo: Comparitech Thailand is a familiar destination with foreign tourists. In 2019, the country welcomed about 40 million international visitors, according to data from the World Bank. This tremor leaking is making tourists and foreigners in Thailand pressing
On ASEANNOW (Foreigners' Website in Thailand), many people have left annoyed comments before this incident. Yuthasak Supasorn, head of Thai Tourism Department leaking fish information Nhan has greatly affected the trust of tourists. "Guests can rest assured will not have similar things to repeat in the future," said Yuthasak Supasorn reassuring. Last month, Bangkok Airways was attacked by Ransomware Lockbit, resulting in the data of the passenger to be revealed . In 2018, Truemove H, the largest 4G mobile operator in Thailand, violating the database when revealing about 46,000 customer data records.

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