Ingredients In Food Help Anti-aging

Vegetables are one of the food that plays a role in preventing aging, especially those that contain the following components. Illustrative Illustrationbeta-Caroten: is a soluble antioxidant in fat, there are many in the Fruit type with yellow or orange (carrot, pumpkin, nine papaya, nine mango ...) or dark green leafy vegetables (spoon, spinach, vegetables, vegetables, ventes, broccoli)

. Beta-caroten is a precursor to vitamin A, when absorbing into its body is transformed into vitamin A. In addition to the effects such as vitamin A, it does not cause overdose toxicity such as vitamin A and special thing is beta-caroten reducing the Free radicals are better vitamin A very much. Many studies have demonstrated, the proportion of beta-carotene in food is associated with reducing the risk of cancer and helps rejuvenate skin
Vitamin C: is the most richest water-soluble antioxidant in the body, activated The dynamic is mainly in cell fluids, supporting the immune system, creating fences against free radicals - the cause of early aging. Vitamin C has many in fresh vegetables, especially pomelos, oranges, apples, guava, priests, ripe toads, ripe papaya. Cauliflower is also a vegetable containing vitamin C and carotene anti-oxidation, helping to fight aging. Cabbage also contains many vitamins C and fiber, promoting the peristality of the culture, keeping the digestive system smoothly, supports uncommodic discharge.Vitamin e: is the most soluble antioxidant in the most fatal fat in the body. Because the composition of brain and cell membranes is mainly fat, the most important antioxidant for the brain and cells is vitamin E. In addition, vitamin E also works very well in preventing heart disease circuit, reduce fatigue, debilitating. Vitamin E rich foods are soybeans, bean sprouts, sesame, peanuts, corn seeds, carrots, barley sprouts, sunflower seeds, avocado, papaya, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables ..
Lycopene: It is an antioxidant in tomatoes, red cabbage, watermelon, keeps young skin, reducing the risk of heart disease and some cancers. Tomatoes also contain iron to prevent anemia and tired.Theo Yen Hoa / VietQ

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