Chinh hissed the cigarette to glow redness, pensively looking at the trees of Lu Binh Binh drifting along the tide in a twilight dimension. Nearby, his friends are still lifting the air, but they respect the privacy of the privacy, so let him think in the river flowing up. The illustration of collection from the Internet, people and scenes in photos Unrelated to the content of the article. Unexpectedly after the second time to go to that work, permanently he did not see his wife's gaze anymore. A scramental heart attack, there was no sign before he was permanently taking his Huyen

. The past spilled back to the heart of the main soul ..
... two loved each other from the student, Huyen was her Girls are full of femininity, good at literature, and the chiefs are naughty, good at math. Outside, huyen hated the first after he released a deep potato in her neck, causing the same level to fainting, the girls in the team Good text to catch up to take off her huyen caught shirt. In fact, in her heart, Chinh is an idol, he studied as played but the results of natural subjects are always tall and the social subjects are not belonging but he understands and deeply analyzes and is often central Binh is quite. With the chance, the girl is very lobby, good, her memory always surprised him when the whole poem could be only after two reads. As a compensation, like the magnet poles, they suck each other. Between them, there is a girl who is both beautiful and other strong, it is crime. She is comprehensive, moving movement is very exciting
The trio of the chief class, the deputy class, the secretary of the union always collaborated with good competition. Tham knowing the hypurn to love but she also loves it, just a unilateral whisper because it has publicly leaned back about Huyen.TUY, with a strong nature, many times still won in a certain period of time. Especially his first kiss, spent for him, after his sorrowful shadow tire, in the final football finals in grade 10. That, in front of the hypothety, more than 1000 people in the whole school, Tham Run to the yard, hug and kiss your lips. Moreover, the person who gives his daughter to first, not the one he loves is Huyen but a lover of him, is least. The competition won fiercely among the two of them tilted towards his hepatlanoma when he was married, but that was not yet to win finally. Remember ... the most impressive time is a well-known, very good, but day There is a squid only duet with the main. About the goal of winning the prize, this pair of songs shall be perfect, but the legend is hard to accept, she restless. Fortunately, in the end, the item also ended with the third prize. Huyen go to the stage to congratulate you two, but deliberately standing between the two so that you are under photography. The university exam is finished, the two children invite each other to eat ice cream, this can be considered a farewell early Because it is almost certain, with the results of such lessons, Huyen will enter the pedagogical school while the Military Technical Institute will. Sitting on the Lake Len, Huyen Mo wished a day when the two graduates, will stick together for a lifetime, it will be a solid place for her life. Huyen's life, Chinh pulls her towards me. It is the first kiss of the first time that the concept is for the person to love, but before that other people have done it. Reality also goes further when it is enough to go to school abroad, there will be a time learn Russian. It is the time of their best love. Also submitted to the University of Economics, but she completely gave up the charm because she clearly saw no hope of hope. A big challenge with the love of young couples, first writing letters for weeks but she has just written a letter because the price of foreign mail stamps is even more expensive than the standard of students. The lover is like that, but whether it is not possible to have themselves, still intervenes for a while. This is ... the fourth school year, the top 10 people have the best score, Taking a probationary trip in the Moscow capital of the great Soviet country. In addition to the surface program of the trip, it was determined to meet the person she loved in that white snow. Particularly among the two makes them no distance, but the main situation is the right horizontal situation. That day, he came to visit at the hotel, her whole group went to visit, alone staying to pick you up. Chinh did not escape from the love net, became her first person. Both of them made a mistake with Huyen, but they knew to stop there, not going further. Graduated from the water, Chinh continued to be military, officer, when he was graduated to teach the second year. Naturally after a romantic wedding day, Huyen is a teacher who must be a mother and a mother and a father to raise children into a person. Because men are responsible for, Huyen, people of social civilians, soft-handed legs but they must change their best. The most romantic gifts in the couple's wedding is due to a given to both

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