Injectable Anti-fans Reduced Fat Lines, Ho Ngoc Ha Affirmed: ‘being And Looking At A Doll’

The words 'correct' for non-aesthetic surgery of Ha Ho nghe through quite afreshing.0 game.0: 00/1: 23 years of southern years in the showbiz, many Vietnamese stars are set by the audience "cutlery ", Edit beauty. For cosmetic surgery issues, many Vietnamese stars are quite comfortable to share such as Le Giang, Le Duong Bao Lam .

.. However, there are still many artists who want to keep this. Hu Ngoc Ha
Tuy has been active Showbiz is quite a long time and is currently the mother's mother's mother's milk, but Ho Ngoc Ha still retains the faith, the beauty attracts every time she appears. It was for this reason many audiences suggested that female singer intervened "cutlery" to beautify. Hey before. New ago An Anti-Fan posted two past and present photos of Ho Ngoc Ha to Compared, this Anti-Fan also has a fairly long article analyzing the points that Ha Ho intervene: "Ho Ngoc Ha always denies aesthetic surgery, under my perspective, also injecting the function, inject Reduce cheeks, make noses for existing faces ". Post of Ho Ngoc Ha.Anti-Fan also thinks that reducing fat in cheeks is difficult even for exercise, so there are fast results The artist often chooses to reduce fat. Before the comments of strangers for themselves, Ho Ngoc Ha has captured their posts and shares up personal Story with explanation: "Please don't The bakery said. I also craved my baby's cheeks and got the baby. I got into look like a doll I didn't dare ". Cosmetic Surgery

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