Innovation To Spread The Heritage Value

Translation Covid-19 affects all industries and fields of life, including cultural promotion activities, stimulating legacy tourism. To promptly adapt to the new situation, many museums and monuments in the capital have accelerated the recovery process by actively building new cultural products, suitable to the needs of the public, step by step Improving the efficiency of conservation, spreading and promoting heritage values. Experience the heritage experience program from 3D Mapping technology at the Center for Cultural Activities, Van Mieu Science - Quoc Tu Giam. New public approaches only open the door back on weekends in the past half of the past half, but the Vietnamese Ethnographic Museum has recorded very positive visitors (about 500 persons / week). Explanation for this, besides the brand advantage, a highlight of the museum always has a way to refresh specific cultural products, to meet the public needs

. According to the Head of Media - Education (Vietnam Ethnology Museum) An Thu Tra, in the context of epidemics and museums that identify potential visitors are small groups, so focus on building many tours, experience, such as: doing shallow, catch fish, practice traditional profession ..
"In addition, instead of waiting for visitors to seek, the museum positively connects, putting activities to schools, just increasing novelty in experience activities, medium to promote, spread heritage values ", Ms. An Thu Tra said. Also with a non-passive spirit of waiting, during the unorder of welcome, the center of cultural activities, science and technology Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam focused on restoring Phuong Dinh in Ho Van; Building contents on display of Quoc Tu Giam with the history of formation and development with vivid illustrations on teaching and learning at the country's first university; Exploiting the strength of technology to tell the story of the Vietnam Taoism. Director of Van Mieu Cultural Activities, Van Mieu Science - Quoc Tu Giam Le Xuan Kieu said, the center is hatching the idea of the proposal deployment The street walks around the relic area on the weekend, forming cultural space and ecosystems consisting of many activities to honor and promote heritage. Cultural products Application of slideshow technology is also a step to increase attractiveness for the experience of night heritage space, effective complementary for operations in walking space. Running by movement The complex development of Covid-19 translation, requires museums and relics to have movements in accordance with the new situation, avoid passive, "freezing" activities, affecting conservation efficiency, play Huy value in the long term. In fact, many legacy destinations have positively renewed the approach, forming new cultural products; At the same time, strengthening technology application, diversifying specific products, promoting emotional experience ... can be mentioned, fire prison relics with night tours; Vietnam Fine Arts Museum has 3D online tours; Vietnam Women's Museum deployed 360-degree tours
.. evaluating these movements in museums and relics in Hanoi, Vice Chairman of Vietnam Cultural Heritage Association Le Thi Minh Ly said that each Cultural products need to have true ideas, creativity, with their own identity, avoid running according to the movement, leading to other products. Along with that technology or solution must also be consistent of the museum's museum, relics are emotions, are intuitive vividly. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on training and fostering forces to produce depth products, ensuring the goals of promoting and honoring the estate. Concessions with the above views, according to the Vice Chairman of the Travel Association Hanoi Le Thanh Thao, the main product line of legacy destinations is still real tours with a direct feeling, direct experience, technology is just a solution to diversify, increase attractiveness for cultural products. "Destinations need to take initiative in information, exchange, promote new products, helping travel units to easily access and build suitable and quality tours ...", Ms. Le Thanh Thao said. In this regard, Deputy Director of Cultural Heritage Department (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) Pham Dinh Phong said, converting numbers is the direction of many museums and relics, the problem is How to enforce appropriately, avoid rushing, superficiality, just waste, both inefficient. "The Cultural Heritage Department advised with the leaders of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism issued documents require departments and systems of museums and relics to do well the construction of the heritage database; Research and learning experiences from units have been successfully drawn to draw lessons, how to apply suitable to their units. At the same time, more promoting online communications to spread brands and especially focuses on training and fostering knowledge, skills, experience, meeting the requirements in the new situation for the team Officers and employees ", Mr. Pham Dinh Phong stressed. Nguyen Thanh

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