Inquiries The Column Statement Of A Bank Account Is Difficult To Understand, This Is The Detailed Explanation For You

How these information columns are meaningful, the reading must be understood that we will be explained right below.0: 00/3: 13 Southern region of the account is a copy provided by the bank provided by the bank Details of transactions in the account. These activities include all transactions out and into account. Alternatively, we are talking about a document in which you can see the volatility of revenue available in a bank account in one Specific time interval. List of bank accounts shall only be made at the request of the account holder

. When checking the account statement will understand the information arising from the account to be able to control cash flow more efficiently. Read the account statement of regular account statements and will at least the pine columns The following news: the date, the amount of debit, the amount recorded, the balance and detailed content (also called trading interpretation). Sample statements of Vietcombank's personal account
Artwork.1.1. The trading day is a period of transactions and changes in the account. This information is important because you can accurately control the time the account fluctuations take place. For example, on September 18 you have a VND 900,000 transaction. Or September 25 you have 4 other transactions. All transactions will be displayed during this trading day column. Illustration.2
The amount recorded is that the transaction amount is transferred to your account. For example on September 25 you receive the amount of 1 million VND to transfer to your account. Along during the day, you receive 17,150 VND in account. On September 26 you continue to receive VND 13,736,891 to the account. Simple, the numbers are recorded in the column "The amount recorded" is the amount that others transfer to your account. That may be the salary you receive every month, your money is repealed by someone, interest from investments, ... Artwork.3. The debit amount is the amount transferred from your account. For example, on September 18, you moved 900,000 VND. On September 25, 950,000 VND and 50,000 VND. On September 26 passed 100,000 VND and 2 million VND. Simply understood, the number appeared in the "Debit amount" column is the amount that you moved. Can for consumer purposes, repayment, wedding or savings, investment, ... Artwork.4. The balance is summarized at the time of each at the end of the day, the transaction incurred in the bank account. In particular, the balance will be closed at the end of the day as for Vietcombank banking in use (this may be different because it depends on the calculation mechanism of each bank). Example: September 18 has 1 Transactions, the balance of VND 57,942 will be closed at the time of the final transaction of 900,000 VND. But on September 25, there are 4 transactions, the balance of VND 75,092 is a bankrupt bank at the end of the day, corresponding to the end of the day The final transaction is 17,150 dong. Illustration.5. The detailed content (transaction interpretation) is the information content recorded by the person in the transfer note section. Or when you transfer money, it is also recorded in the note of the transaction. Detailed content can be considered as a notification of the most understandable and quick trading information. This interpretation is recorded in Vietnamese without accent and number illustration. Do you list your bank account? Each bank will offer a different statement fee schedule, you can contact us Receive banks to capture the most accurate information about the fee. (By law and readers)

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