Instable In Afghanistan: Taliban Accounted For Additional Border Gates, Russia Issued A Statement, China Dismissed People

On July 9, the Taliban rebels claimed to have captured the important border gate between Afghanistan with Turkmenistan in the context of this armed group continuing to conduct a fierce attack throughout the country.0: 00 / 2: 20 Southern Military Taliban (photo) claimed to captain an important border gate between Afghanistan with Turkmenistan. (Source: AFP) Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid affirmed: "Important torghundi border gate has been fully occupied". In that time, the Afghan Afghan Interior Department spokesman Tareq Arian said, security forces At this border gate, "temporarily re-arranged" and deployed efforts to regain this area. Before that, the Taliban also announced the largest ISLAM Qala gate between Afghanistan and Iran

. On, the Iranian army said it was monitoring the "smallest" activity at the border of the country with Afghanistan. Border Guard and Task Force of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Force (IRGC) also participated in monitoring. On the day, Hamshahri daily quotes the Foreign Ministry spokesman Iran Saeed Khatibzadeh said, "Don't happen Status of security at the border with Afghanistan "and there were" some Afghan employees "to Iran territory due to intense fighting between government troops and Taliban
Theo Mr. Khatibzadeh, Iran will act" fit With border agreements with Afghanistan and a good neighbor's framework "Sergei Lavrov's Day, Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow will not deploy any measures if the situation is more serious Afghanistan does not affect the territory of Moscow's allies. Russia's chief stressed: "In fact, Taliban has occupied border guards on the border with Iran, Tajikistan ... but because this situation takes place on Afghan territory, so we will not deploy any measures, except I called on continuously on promoting the political process, but all Afghanists affirmed support, as soon as possible ". In the meantime, Deputy Secretary of the Russian National Security Council Alexander Venediktov Calling the United States shows a responsible approach in withdrawing troops from Afghanistan to ensure not affecting security in Afghan space. In a related development, the same day, Chinese state media reported, water This has a flight carrying 210 Chinese citizens from Afghanistan to the country, in the context of the US military preparing to withdraw from this South Asian country and the love of security here is becoming more and more stressful. Diplomatic China Uong Van Ban said that Shanghai Cooperation (SCO) will discuss Afghan's security issues in a meeting next week. (According to AFP, AP, Tass)

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