Intel Is About To Acquire $ 30 Billion Chip Factory

According to a report from Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Intel is negotiating to buy a US-based Globalfoundries Chip Factory for about 30 billion USD. USD 30: 00/2: 58 NAM MORT-DAO, currently unprecedented Receiving the above report, but if correct, this plan will stop the plan to issue shares for the first time (IPO) is widely announced by Globalfoundries by the end of this year.Tin is given after the report Recently said, Intel is negotiating to buy a US RISC-V chip designer based in the US for $ 2 billion when the company is undergoing a large restructuring effort under the new executive director Pat Gelsinger. Intel's acquisition planner GlobalFoundries manufacturer is also given when they mobilize US government subsidies to enhance their production capacity, especially to help finance production initiatives Integrated Equipment (IDM 2.0 )

.intel is about to acquire a $ 30 billion chip factory, which also launches the service called Intel Foundry Services to produce Chip for other companies. This is a big change for the company based in Santa Clara, California. Intel has pledged to spend $ 20 billion in its own money to launch that initiative with two American states in Arizona
Buy Globalfoundries will be an immediate jog for that initiative, thanks to receiving A team of experienced leaders and a large casting business. Globalfoundries's production capacity for advanced semiconductor technology processes, which are the most advanced motivation for most third-party devices, will also be consistent with Intel's plans to catch The head provides its production service to the other parties. Although Globalfoundries has given up the race on top advanced semiconductor technology, it still has a lot of manufacturing facilities in the US with impressive production capacity. statue. The company has signed a long-term contract with the US government in the production of semiconductor chips for some military projects. Therefore, the company's current job with the US government made it a strong point to be funded by the government.Globalfoundries, AMD's old casting factory, headquartered in the US. The company is currently owned by Mubadala Investment Company, an investment branch of the United Arab Emirates. Show GlobalFoundries is widely announced to find an IPO. However, according to WSJ, GlobalFoundries can conduct IPO as planned if negotiations with Intel are unsuccessful
The proposed agreement will overcome the acquisition of the manufacturer of Altera programming logic equipment 16.7 billion USD before Intel. Intel recently sold off NAND memory business and solid memory (SSD) for SK Hynix of Korea for $ 9 billion because they seemed to focus on their core capacity to produce Logic device has a high profit rate. However, an Intel-GlobalFoundries deal will definitely face the close supervision of the management agency, especially in the context of stress related to the war American - Chinese trade. Intel Pat Gelsinger's CEO also has a trip through the EU to advocate to support government sponsorship to build semiconductor factories there, the company's investments in Europe have Fit up to 100 billion USD.Phan Van Hoa (according to Tomshardware)

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