Intel Is About To Build A Semiconductor Casting Complex Of Up To 120 Billion Usd

Intel's CEO, Mr. Patrick Gelsinger said the company was planning to build a completely new semiconductor casting complex in the US with an investment of 60-120 billion USD. Then, complex This will include many different modules capable of handling wafer plates using Intel's advanced technology process and semiconductor chip packaging facilities. Intel is expected to build this complex close to a university to simplify the hiring new HR.Intel to build a semiconductor casting complex worth $ 120 billion in an interview with Washington Post, he Patrick Gelsinger said that it was part of the IDM 2

.0 strategy, Intel will make a decision on the exact location of the subsequent large semiconductor production complex in the US later this year. This complex is included. From six to eight modules will produce semiconductor chips with the company's top advanced manufacturing process, can pack chips with Intel's proprietary techniques such as Emib and Foveros, and will also operate A dedicated power plant
Each semiconductor manufacturing module will cost from 10 billion to 15 billion USD, so Intel's investment in the center in the next decade can be at a low level of VND 60 billion. USD and can be up to 120 billion USD. Intel's executive governor adds: "This will be a huge complex, with six to eight semiconductor casting modules and each module has a cost Investing from 10 to 15 billion USD. This project with an investment of up to more than 100 billion USD and will generate about 10,000 direct jobs. Our experience shows that there will be about 100,000 jobs created from 10,000 jobs. So basically, we want to build a small city ". At this point, Intel does not reveal the first module of the semiconductor casting plant will support which technology processes, but because It will start operating as soon as around 2024, so the establishment will probably produce chips using Intel 4 and Intel production technology 3. Finally, this semiconductor casting complex will apply processing technologies. Create more advanced. However, the production capacity and specific location of the upcoming factory have not been revealed yet
Intel needs to build a subsequent production base in a location with good development infrastructure, providing enough water and energy. In addition, the company plans to build it near major cities with universities to attract higher qualified personnel. "Currently we are working with some states, who are taking Out to propose to us about location, energy, water, environment, near college, skills skills and I hope to make a notice of that position before the end of this year ", Mr. Gelsinger said. Eile this year, Intel also outlined plans to spend $ 20 billion to promote its semiconductor production in Arizona.Phan Van Hoa (according to Tomshardware)

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